10 Incredible Ways for Students to Save Their Money Studying Abroad

There’s nothing worse than going broke in a foreign country, especially as an international student. Hence, it is very vital to learn how to save money as a student who is studying abroad. As a college student, there are certain money-saving tips, hacks, and plans which you shouldn’t ignore.

Let’s show you these hacks to saving money while studying abroad as an international student.

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Why You Need to Save Money While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is such a life-changing experience and I feel everyone should do it at least once. You have this entirely new culture to absorb and places to see. These however many times come with an expensive price tag. In this article, we have arranged how to save money as a student, money-saving plan for students, money-saving tips for college students and many more.

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You should not let this put you off though. There are many ways to save money and not go broke in a foreign country. Be penny-wise as they say. You did not spend all that time writing your statement of purpose study abroad to end up broke.

How to save money as a student when studying abroad  

  • You don’t have to stay in a dorm
  • Sign up for event newsletters
  • Google Books
  • Free delivery
  • Do some bartering
  • Cook instead of food shopping
  • Price compare
  • You do not need to pay for the gym
  • Party for free
  • Budget

#1 You don’t have to stay in a dorm

Seriously, guys, I know you think the perfect college experience is coupled with staying in a dorm. You have so many more options though and you have to open your mind to the possibilities.

During your study abroad semester you could be staying at someone’s house. Perhaps your hosting family has an extra room or maybe rent a room in a cheaper environment. You could save so much on rent if you think beyond a dorm room.

#2 Sign up for event newsletters

You should not be spending any money on paid events when you are trying to save some bucks. These newsletters will inform you of some events happening in the city you’re in.

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Select the free events and go out. You want to experience the culture and sitting in your room the entire time is going to depress you. Instead, have some free fun. This is how to save money as a student.

#3 Google Books instead of Buying

You are almost always going to find the books you need in the library or be able to borrow it from a friend. Before you spend any money on buying books, have a look at google books and google scholar. You may find great articles on the subject you are studying. These help a lot with your study writing and you don’t have to pay for it.

#4 Free delivery

There are options available right now where you can click and collect. You basically get the item sent to a store closest to you for no delivery fee. This is awesome.

Many times you are literally a block away from the store branch and you can just go and collect it, instead of paying for home delivery. You should also compare al delivery options. Many sites do not charge you for delivery so that is pretty awesome.

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#5 Do some bartering

We all have a set of skills we can probably make something of. If you are really good at a subject, for example, do some tutoring and in return pick your remuneration.

It could be for a really cool dinner out. The other great example is getting a discount at a store by promoting their brand on your social media. You might get a percentage off for every referral. This is a pretty sweet deal.

#6 Cook instead of food shopping

Buying your own food at a restaurant can easily make you overspend especially when you are really hungry. Instead, plan your meals if you must eat out. Better still, buy the ingredients and ake your meal at home.

This way, you pick up some cooking skills and eat quality meals. It can even make you bond better with your housemates. Interestingly, if you are seeking how to save money as a college student, this tip can save you a fortune.

#7 Price compare

Before you purchase anything, always compare a few stores. We all have our favorite store to buy certain things at but do not lose out by not looking around. There are a lot of shops competing for customers and you need to make sure you get the best deal.

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Some may have an end of the month sales, while others have one every Wednesday. You could get the same thing at a much cheaper rate if you take some time comparing prices.

#8 You do not need to pay for the gym

This tip is not just for studying abroad. You can keep fit without any gym equipment and expensive membership fees. You are in a new environment and going for a walk or a run could kill two birds with one stone. You can sightsee while getting out a bit.

Do not underestimate the power of some good floor work in your room. A gym membership is really a luxury when you try to save money. Find out if there are any free exercise groups around and also check the television for an early morning exercise program.

#9 Party for free

You cannot afford to go to a bar right now and to drink the night away. There are of course other ways to have a good time. Befriend some really cool people and go to house parties. Do not throw one yourself because that is one big expense.

Now that you know a few ways to save some money and keep it tightly in your pocket, you should go out and have a great time. Studying abroad is all about experiences and you should not deny yourself any.

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Just make sure it comes at a cheap cost, or even better, it’s free. What are some great ways you know of that will save some money while studying abroad? Partying for free is one of those money-saving hacks for students.

#10 Budget

I also experienced that small voice that asks me to give myself a treat, but, resisting that temptation can save you lots of money. Budget how you want to use your funds. Categorize your needs and buy only necessities. You may even use numerous student discounts available while purchasing your essentials.

With it, you can be sure that all of your expenses will be paid and you’ll know exactly how much you have left to spend how you want to. Budgeting is actually an essential money-saving plan for students.


You know students usually hear: don’t buy a car, cut out unnecessary expenses so much that they forget it is for their good. . Don’t you want those college loans pilling up? Then, learn money-saving plans, tips, and hacks for college students.


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