15 Free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia 2020 –

Thinking of getting a University degree in Australia? We
have good news for you. You don’t need to travel to Australia to get it. We have
made available for you, free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia
which are offered by reputable universities in the nation. Take advantage of
this opportunity.

There are about a dozen universities in Australia that offer online education on a large scale. You just need to find out about Australia’s largest and best online universities. Many of the Online degrees in sensitive courses and fields of study are available in many areas from Australian universities.

It’s easier now than ever to find a degree program that
offers the flexibility you need, whether it’s through traditional face-to-face
classes, online learning, or a combination of both.

In this piece, everything you need to know about Free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia the accredited universities that offer them and the benefits of studying online in Australia, have been well researched and made available for you.

This table of contents will provide you with easy navigation through the information you need to obtain information on Free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia.

Table of Contents

How to take an Online Course in Australia

If you are considering taking college or university courses
online in Australia, the following tips and suggestions can help you meet your
unique challenges to get the most value from your online program.

Set your goals

Set goals at the beginning of the semester and register
weekly. In a traditional classroom, you will often receive verbal or visual
reminders of a task’s next due date.

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It’s up to you to make sure you’ve allotted enough time to
complete the task. By being organized, proactive and self-aware, you can make
the most of your online class.

Manage your time well

The flexibility to create your own schedule is often one of
the biggest attractions of taking classes online. But that freedom can also be
detrimental if you don’t have strong time management skills.

Without them, you may be overcrowded before class or turn in
poor assignments.

Create a fixed study space

Establish a dedicated learning environment for studying. By
repeatedly completing your work there, you will begin to establish a routine.
it’s important to determine what type of environment will work best for you.

Setting up a regular office or workspace will also help you
stay organized. When setting up your study space, be sure to:

  • Have a high-speed internet connection
  • Have the necessary books, materials, and software for the course.
  • Have headphones for listening to lectures or discussions (especially important in shared spaces)

Treat an online course with the right attitude

When it comes to online classes, you must have the discipline to sit down and work on it, as well as the determined to continue until you are done with it. Although you can be flexible about when you choose to complete your work during the week, you cannot postpone it indefinitely.

Treat your online classes the same way you would a physical

Get rid of distractions

You will face many distractions that can easily derail your
studies, especially from social media. The best online students know how to
lessen these distractions and set aside time to focus.

The exact amount of challenge these distractions will prove
to be will depend on your own unique personality and situation.

Some may find that they can disconnect from a noisy home by
listening to music. Others may choose to work at a local coffee shop or library
to eliminate their need to multitask at home.

Universities in Australia that offer free Online Courses
with Certificates

What are Australia’s best online universities? Find out in
our unique ranking of distance learning providers.

  • Universities that specialize in distance
    learning are more focused on teaching than your average university.
  • The sensible way to rate them is to look at
    graduate satisfaction ratings and the depth and flexibility of the courses.
  • This is how we ranked Australia’s top online

If you are interested in studying online, here are the top
five universities to consider first.

University of New England

In terms of overall performance, UNE is Australia’s best online university. UNE is Australia’s second-largest online university and is one of the best in art, business, education, and science. UNE achieves exceptionally high satisfaction rates and high salaries for university graduates.

Deakin University

Based on course ratings and depth, Deakin University is
strong in education, engineering, health, and information technology. Cloud
(online) studies are available for students who cannot (or do not want to)
attend courses in person on a regular basis.

Study Guide, Tips, & Requirements

Charles Sturt University

The CSU is Australia’s largest online university. It offers a wide range of courses and plays an important role in supporting regional studies in NSW. CSU is very important in information technology, art, and science.

University of South Queensland

USQ is one of the larger online universities and offers
courses in almost all common areas. The stronger faculties include engineering
and health.

Edith Cowan University

ECU is not the largest online university but surpasses many of the others in terms of course satisfaction. It is the strongest in business and law.

Others include

University of Melbourne Free Online Courses

The University of Melbourne is an internationally recognized research-intensive university with a strong tradition of excellent teaching, research and social commitment. It was founded in 1853 and is Australia’s second-oldest university.

Curtin University Free Online Courses

Curtin University is a public university in Perth, Western
Australia, named after 14th Australian Prime Minister John Curtin. It is the
largest university in Western Australia with over 40,000 students.

Free online courses from the University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is a public university in the
Australian state of Queensland. It was founded in 1909 and is the oldest and
largest university in Queensland and the fifth oldest in Australia.

Free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia

Here is the list of Free Online Courses with Certificates in
Australia which you can take advantage of and learn valuable programs to boost
your career or achieve your academic desires.

  1. Online Accounting Courses
  2. Online Administration Diploma
  3. Online Economics Courses
  4. Online Entrepreneurship Courses
  5. Online Courses on Strategic management:
    Be Competitive (Coursera)
  6. Excel Skills for Business: Advanced
  7. Evaluating Problems (Coursera)
  8. Free Online Project Management Courses
  9. Business Communication
  10. Introduction to Actuarial Science
  11. Visionary leadership, identity &
    motivation: Become a meaning maker (Coursera)
  12. Gathering and Developing the News
  13. Introduction to Social Psychology
  14. Critical Development Perspectives
  15. Leading the Organization

Online Accounting Courses

Online Accounting courses prepare students to be
professional accountants or to pursue other careers in business.

You can study fully online for a degree in accounting.

  • Students can select suitable course units to
    become members of professional associations.
  • Bachelor and Master courses both meet the
    educational requirements for professional accreditation

Administration Diploma

An online diploma in business administration gives you skills that are available to you throughout your career. Things you can learn in a business admin course include budgeting, developing corporate documents, holding meetings and events, and managing teams.

Online Economics Courses

By studying economics online, you will learn how economies
and markets work. They also develop analytical skills and report writing

Top business graduates work as professional economists for
government agencies and large corporations. However, an economics degree is
valuable for other business careers.

Online Entrepreneurship Courses

Being an entrepreneur requires some serious skills to
support your great idea and willingness to try. In online courses for entrepreneurs,
you will learn how to run a business and start new businesses.

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Things you learn in entrepreneurial programs include
marketing, international business, business strategy, corporate governance,
virtual team management, research and development, innovation strategies, and

Taking an online course can be the start of an exciting
journey if you join a community of business leaders

Courses on Strategic management: Be Competitive (Coursera)

The ability to think strategically in today’s global
high-tech business environment is critical to ensure that your business
survives and grows in the future.

By breaking down business strategy and value creation into
its essential elements, you develop your strategic thinking skills.

Through structured learning activities such as video lectures, quizzes, discussions, and written assessments, you will learn how you can improve the competitiveness of your company.

Skills for Business: Advanced (Coursera)

Spreadsheet software is still one of the most ubiquitous
software components used in workplaces worldwide. If you learn to use this
software safely, you can add an extremely valuable asset to your employability

Millions of job advertisements worldwide that require
knowledge of Excel are published daily. At a time when jobs for digital skills
are growing much faster than jobs for non-digital skills, completing this
course will put you ahead of others

Problems (Coursera)

Great History – Solution of Complex Problems teaches you
revolutionary new problem-solving skills. With lectures by over 50 experts from
all faculties of Macquarie University, we try to solve complex problems in an
unprecedented way.

PROBLEM EVALUATION shows you how people think –
biologically, neurologically and philosophically – and how you can use 5,000
years of evolving disciplinary approaches to tackle problems more effectively.

Online Project Management Courses

Free online courses in project management from leading
universities and colleges. Managing projects effectively requires extensive
business skills and knowledge. We have listed special project management
courses that are completely online and free.

You may also want to take free online courses on topics such
as leadership teams, business planning, and finance. These and many other
business areas are relevant for project management.


This course, which is part of the Soft Skills Professional
Certificate program, helps you uncover the secrets of business success by
understanding the work culture.

You will learn how to use language and non-verbal
communication to convey common meanings in personal and distant professional

You will learn techniques to articulate your business ideas
effectively and succinctly for a wide audience and to ensure that they
understand even the most complex concepts.

to Actuarial Science

The course has been carefully designed for students from a wide variety of backgrounds, with secondary/high school being the only requirement for a mathematical background.

For example, even if you have no background in analysis, the
course has been designed so that you can skip these sections without affecting
your understanding of the rest of the course.

leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker (Coursera)

How do you imagine the future as a potential leader in a
complex and ambiguous work environment? How can you implement your vision in a
way that conveys meaning and drives positive changes in your company?

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In this course, you will learn how managers can create and communicate a convincing vision and how they create meaning and make work more meaningful.

and Developing the News (Coursera)

Journalists develop information through interviews and
sources. The most successful journalists quickly master these important skills.

The production of journalism is based on several elements:
collecting news, interviewing sources, researching and trying to find as much
information as possible.

This course also teaches you how to find information,
acquire interview skills, and process information from various sources for

to Social Psychology

Social psychology helps us understand how people think about themselves and other people and what motivates their behavior in social environments.

This course covers a range of topics in social psychology,
how we think about ourselves, how we think about others, and how we interact
and communicate with others.

We will also discuss how we influence others and how we can influence them. Finally, we look at some problematic aspects of human behavior, such as prejudice and aggression.

Development Perspectives

This course is part of the Leadership in Global Development
MicroMasters program. To get the most out of this course, we recommend that you
have experience in the development area or have a strong interest in this area.

We also recommend that you complete the other three courses
that make up the MicroMasters Leadership in Global Development program: Leaders
in Global Development, Science and Practice in Sustainable Development, and
Adaptive Leadership in Development.

the Organization

This course is aimed at professionals and managers who are
looking for new leadership roles that switch between leadership roles or
organizations, as well as current leaders in organizations.

Our faculty and industry experts teach you the critical
concepts that will help you better understand, operate and be successful in
leadership roles in your company.

What do I need to start the online program in Australia?

Australia is a technologically advanced nation; hence most of the things you will be needing for your online certificate program, is already available at the local store. So you can equip yourself for the adventure by obtaining these things and setting them up. Let’s look at some of the basic things you will need;

A Functional Computer

The laptop or desktop doesn’t matter as long as it has no
technical problem. You will need to check your computer in other to make the
necessary soft or hard changes or update as necessary.

You need to keep an eye on your processor, RAM, and memory to ensure that your computer can keep up with your education.

The right operating system

PC users must ensure that they have at least Windows XP to
take online courses. Some universities in Australia may prefer Vista or Windows
7 depending on the type of media and interactive programs that students use.

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For Mac users, OS X 10.4 or later is generally fine.
However, newer operating systems help improve the performance of your online content.

Relevant Software Applications and Web browsers

You need a good office suite and a web browser to take most
online courses. You can use the standard options of Windows and Mac computers
or download free open source alternatives like Open Office.

Other software that may be required: Adobe Reader, Adobe
Flash, Java, instant messaging, and antivirus software.

The same applies to web browsers. The latest version of
Explorer or Safari works fine, but most online courses can also be viewed with
Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and other updated browsers.

Reliable Internet Access

You need constant internet access to stay up to date. Slow
internet won’t make it here. You need a cable modem or a fast DSL connection to
work with most online education programs.

If high-speed internet is beyond your budget, visit the
local library or café to use the free WiFi connection.

What are the Advantages of taking online certificate
courses in Australia?

There are many advantages to participating in certificate programs online in Australia. Some of these reasons could explain why many people would prefer conventional lessons. Let’s look at some of the advantages.

Learn at your own pace

The ability to learn at your own pace makes online
certification an attractive option. One advantage is that you can work as
quickly as possible and not just on a schedule set by others.

Study Comfortably

You can set up your learning environment from the comfort of
your own home. Don’t sit at uncomfortable desks in class for hours or listen to
lectures for hours.

Shorter Learning Time

Many certification courses can be completed in as little as
six to eight weeks, and you can complete a number in just a few months.

Online diploma programs take longer than certificate programs. However, if you are motivated, you can go faster by opting for longer sessions and more workload in advance.

Free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia – FAQs

Is Australian online courses accredited?

Online Courses Australia offer a wide range of short professional development courses. In addition to this, they also offer several nationally recognised and accredited courses, including: Certificate II and Certificate III

Are Australian online courses Recognised?

Online Courses Australia is a nationally registered training organisation that specialises in creating online training courses. Upon completion of any course learners will receive an assured and nationally recognised certificate of completion.

What is the best online university in Australia?

University of New England.
Looking at overall performance, UNE is Australia’s top online university. 


There is no excuse for not achieving your dream. Being a nation that advances learning systems, Australian Universities are well equipped to handle all sorts of online certificate programs that can help you climb the ladder of career success.

You just need to get on your computer and start exploring the available Free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia to advance your career.


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