5 Top Reasons Why You Must Graduate With A First Class

Is First Class important?

Who first class help?

Na by first class?

These are some of the questions some students ask when you raise this topic.

Several Students don’t see the reason why they should even graduate with a first class.

Sometimes ago (like 2 years back) I went to tutor some freshers some where.

Somehow during the course of the lecture, we came to talk about the issue of first class.

You won’t believe that 99% of them signified they wanted to graduate with a first class.

But, I see some of them around now and when I ask them about their first class dream, they begin to ask me the above questions.

Of course, several persons have graduated without a first class and indeed they are doing very fine.

But does graduating with a first class have any importance?

In fact, is there any reason why we must graduate with a first class?.

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These  are some of the questions we will be treating today.

One of the reasons why students don’t really graduate with a first class is because they have really never planned to.

Most students who get admitted into school newly just come to school for the knowledge sake.

They don’t program any mindset of graduating with First,second or third class.

To some of them, it’s just another advanced secondary school.

In fact, several of them just come to the school for the freedom sake.

If you really know what you want, you’ve got to begin nursing the first class vision from your first year.

Anyways, today we are going to see the 5 top reasons why you must graduate with a first class.

  • To Cement A Place For Your Future

In another way, you may say [to be able to get a job] easily.

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Whether you like it or not, graduating with a first class highly increases your chances of getting a Job.

In one of my posts on first class students, I buttressed this point.

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Getting a job in recent times has become overly difficult.

Although if you graduate with a first class, and you are suitably qualified, then getting a Job won’t be much of an issue.

Every single organization will want the best for their company, so you must have to train yourself to be the best.

Learn some other cool skills to cement your result so that when you are called upon, you will be able to deliver.

You will agree with me that there are several other people in the same field as you are in.

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Your result is what makes the difference.

Like I said earlier, If ensure you are suitably qualified by learning several skills in your field to your result.

Once you are well grounded, it will keep you at the forefront of opportunities.

I will use an experience to explain this point.

When I was still a University Fresher, I had an experience.

I was the class representative and as such knew 98% of my mates.

What I couldn’t know of course was their strength academically as we were from different schools.

Therefore, everyone was calling the other scholar.

So, in first semester, if you study and don’t understand, you won’t really know which of your mates to meet.

After first semester results were released, we had close to like four 5.0 GPA.(Blessing Iyobosa, David Akhihiero, Athanasius Kadiri, Nzeagwu Mike Ebube Propsper).

Everyone wanted to know who they were.

But of course you should know we must find them out.

During the course of the second semester, we now had teachers who could take us on tutorials.

They couldn’t hide any longer and the whole faculty of Engineering knew them.

Therefore being a first class student makes you really popular and add value to other people’s life.

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Keeping a stream of first class results throughout your stay in the university can keep you connected.

One of the first class students I named above (Iyobosa Blessing) was awarded the best 300L level student in Mechanical Engineering some few months ago.

This was done by the Alumni’ of Mechanical engineering.

He was also given a cash price of ……………………

Now the point is that he already has connections that will help him in future.

This is one of the reasons why you must graduate with a first class.

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The thing most students don’t understand is that not all parents train you to school so you can graduate and start taking care of them.

Some of your parents are already well to do.

The only thing they want from you is an outstanding performance while in school.

Doing this for them will make them proud.

Possibly they have tried to achieve this feat but couldn’t and they have always wanted one to come from the family.

Getting one and making them proud will so nice in such a situation.

That’s where I will draw the curtain on the “5 Top Reasons Why You Must Graduate With A First Class”.

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