7 Easy Ways To Pass FEDPOLY IDAH Post UTME In 2020

FEDPOLY IDAH Post-UTME is a very important factor that determines who gains admission into Federal Polytechnic Idah.

Data from the school show that more than 60% of their Post-Utme candidates don’t perform well in the screening exercise including candidates who scored high in JAMB.

This usually happens because most applicants don’t have an idea of how the screening is done; They do not know the secrets to success in the Post-Utme exams.

In other to alleviate this situation, we will expose you to the easy ways to pass Federal POLY IDAH Post-UTME even with a low jamb score.

One of the several smart secrets to success in Federal Polytechnic Idah Post-Utme screening is the Past Question. You can get it HERE. This is by far the smartest because it will give you a clue on what you should expect in your Post-Utme exams.

In fact, to score high in the FEDPOLY IDAH screening exam, you need to know the number of subjects you are to write in the exam, the nature of the screening exercise, what to read for post UTME, and other requirements.

The table of contents will guide you to navigate the options.

Table of Contents

Why Do FEDPOLY IDAH Conduct Post UTME?

Post-UTME is a recognized admission screening exam that Federal Polytechnic Idah conducts for students who apply for admission in the school. Below are a few reasons why FEDPOLY IDAH conducts Post UTME screening.

  • Post-UTME test has a correlation with the generally good performance at the undergraduate level.
  • FEDPOLY IDAH Post UTME carries a large percentage in the admission process, a good performance will help you gain admission even with your low Jamb score.
  • FEDPOLY IDAH Post UTME enables the school to screen out students who engaged in malpractices during their Jamb exams.

What is FEDPOLY IDAH Post-UTME Cut-off Mark?

FEDPOLY IDAH cut off Mark is an Agreed point determined by the school Senate board for the qualification of students to be admitted in any course of the institution. For instance, if the school sets its cut-off mark at 200 and you score 199 and below, you are not qualified for admission.

However, as an applicant of FEDPOLY IDAH, you must have a minimum UTME score of 140, except for those courses for which higher cut-off marks as been indicated as shown below.

If you want to get admitted into Federal Polytechnic Idah without stress, then you have to get all the relevant materials that will help you to score above the set cut-off mark. This will increase your chances of getting admission.

You can CLICK HERE to get the materials.

When Will What is FEDPOLY IDAH Post-UTME Cut-off Mark? 2020/2021 Post-UTME Screening Exercise Commence?

The screening date for the 2020/2021 Federal Polytechnic Idah Post-UTME is not yet out.

While you are waiting for the school to announce the schedules for the screening exercise, you can purchase the Past Questions and Answers HERE and study ahead of your exams.

How Much Is FEDPOLY IDAH 2020/2021 Post-UTME Screening Form?

To apply successfully for What is FEDPOLY IDAH Post-Utme screening, you have to pay a non-refundable fee of Two thousand Naira (N2,000) only through REMITA platform.

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After your payment, next is to apply.

How Can I Apply For FEDPOLY IDAH Post-UTME?

The following are the criteria you have to meet to eligible for FEDPOLY IDAH post-Utme screening.

  • If you chose the Federal Polytechnic, Idah as their Institution of choice or intend to change their institution of choice to the Polytechnic and obtained the minimum cut-off mark/score of 140 in the 2020 UTME and also have the required relevant credit passes as contained in the JAMB brochure are hereby invited for the 2020/2021 Post-UTME admission screening exercise.
  • Provide reachable personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers as these would serve as the primary means of contacting them. 

The following procedures will guide you on how to register successfully for FEDPOLY IDAH post-Utme.

  • The Federal Polytechnic, Idah website, i.e. www.fepoda.edu.ng and follow the steps below to make payment on-line, fill their details and print out the screening slip:
  • Click on “Screening Payment” Link ;
  • Fill the form with a valid personal e-mail address and print out the Payment Invoice with Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR);
  • Take the printed Payment Invoice to any bank for payment of the Two Thousand Naira (₦2,000.00); and
  • Return to the Polytechnic website (www.fepoda.edu.ng) to complete the registration with the following data by clicking on the “Finish Registration” Link.
  • JAMB Registration Number, JAMB Score, State of Origin, First, Second and Other Choice of courses;
  • Upload passport-sized photograph of not more than 22kb in size; and
  • Print out the form (Admission Screening Details).

What is the Nature of FEDPOLY IDAH Post-UTME Screening?

FEDPOLY IDAH screening exercise is conducted using the Computer-Based Test (CBT) platform. However, your subject combinations will depend on the course you registered for which is the same as your JAMB subjects combinations.

For instance, If you applied for Electrical Engineering, your subject combinations will likely be Mathematics, use of English, Physics, and Chemistry.

Check out FEDPOLY IDAH Post-Utme Past questions HERE and see the marking scheme so that you will have an idea on how to approach the exams.

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Screening Requirements

You are to report on the date indicated on your scheduling slip and also report to the screening venue with the following documents.

  • A printout of the 2020/2021 UTME or DE result slip bearing your passport photograph.
  • The printed 2020/2021 University Pre-Admission Screening Exercise scheduling slip.
  • Go with your writing materials for the test.

Note that Federal Polytechnic, Idah does not condone any form of falsification of results as candidates involved will automatically be disqualified.

How Can I Pass FED POLY Idah Post-UTME?

In this section, we will discuss 7 tips that will make you pass post Utme with less stress and gain admissions into the Federal Polytechnic Idah.

These tips are secrets you should know about federal poly Idah post Utme screening. They will give you the opportunity to study your desired course at the University. Let’s go!

#1 Know the exam mode of FED POLY Idah

The first thing that should you do during your preparations for FED POLY Idah Post-Utme is to find out about the nature of the screening exercise; Find out if the screening is computer-based if the school repeat questions and many more.

Having this basic information at your fingertips will help you know how to best prepare for the exams.

#2 Source for FED POLY Idah Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers

This will give you a hint of how FED POLY Idah structures their Post-Utme questions. If you study carefully, you will know which questions occur frequently so that you master them.

While searching for FED POLY Idah past questions and answers, ensure you get a standard package; one that contains all the syllabus for your four basic Post-Utme subjects. You don’t have to stress yourself in search of that. Click the button below and get it.

Once you purchase the Past Questions and answers, read all the syllabus for each subject, solved every year’s Past questions, and evaluate your examination performance and noted topics you would usually fail in the Past Questions.

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 #3 Arrive at the Screening venue on time

Arrive at the exam venue on time so that you can settle in before the invigilators arrive. Ensure you get to your venue the latest one hour before the exams commence.

#4 Speed and Accuracy

Federal Polytechnic Idah will grade you based on the number of questions you are able to answer. So, you must be fast and accurate.

This is why we keep emphasizing the need for the Past Questions and Answers because practicing with it on a computer will help you familiarize yourself with the keys and thus increase your speed.

#5 Don’t Depend on Your Jamb Score

It is important you know that a high JAMB score is not a guarantee of gaining admission into Federal Poly Idah that is why there is Post-UTME. The reason for Post-Utme is conducted to confirm that you can defend your Jamb score.

Nevertheless, If you scored low in JAMB, there is still hope for you. You can still gain admission into FED POLY Idah if you follow the tips in this article.

#6 Do not Procrastinate

Actually, there is no much time given to applicants to prepare for FED POLY Idah Post-Utme, therefore, you have to acquire the relevant materials weeks before the exams if you want to perform excellently.

If you need to know what FED POLY Idah Post-Utme marking scheme is like, Click here to get a copy of the Past-Questions and Answers.

#7 Join A Social Media Platform

Joining FED POLY Idah social media platform like WhatsApp will help you to meet and interact with other candidates preparing to write the Screening Test.

In other to help applicants, we have created a WhatsApp group for the 2020/2021 Post-Utmescreening exercise.

We ensured that we added only the candidates who have demonstrated some level of competence for effective communications in the group; that is, only those who have relevant materials that will aid them in preparations for the exams.

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This WhatsApp group has a lot of benefits so, don’t be left out. GET YOUR MATERIALS Here and join now!

What Are the Benefits of FED POLY Idah Post-UTME Whatsapp Group

The major aim of this WhatsApp group is to help you prepare better for the FED POLY Idah screening exercise and be a step ahead of other applicants.

You’ll get the following benefits when you join the FED POLY Idah Post-UTME WhatsApp group.

  • Answers to questions regarding the Post UTME exam date, venue, timing, and direction.
  • Real-time answers to questions regarding the school, your prospective faculty, department, and their code of conduct.
  • Accommodation assistance from members of the group and students of the school a day before the post-UTME.
  • Essential hacks on scoring high in the Post UTME.
  • Discover and make friends with applicants studying your course.
  • Meet-up and interact face-to-face with friends you made from the group.
  • Full guide on the next step after getting admission.
  • To join the Whatsapp group, click here.


The greatest criteria for success in Federal Polytechnic Idah post-Utme is having an insight into what the screening is all about. As an aspirant of FED POLY Idah, you have to avoid mistakes such as of reading irrelevant materials, depending on your high JAMB score and procrastination. In fact, your major focus should be on the Past Questions and Answers given that the FED POLY Idah repeats questions. This will contribute to greater success in your exams and you will stand a greater chance of gaining admission into the Institution without stress.

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