7 Easy Ways To Pass Kaduna Poly Post Utme In 2020 –

Getting admitted to the Kaduna State Polytechnic is not that difficult. In addition to passing your JAMB, you have to meet the Kaduna Poly Post UTME cut off mark, as well as pass their screening exercise.

So, to ensure that you excel in the forthcoming Kaduna State Polytechnic Post UTME, we have compiled 7 easy tips that will help you succeed. Also, you will get access to Kaduna Poly Post UTME Past Questions and Answers to help you prepare adequately for the exams.

Before we look at these tips on how to pass Kaduna Poly Post UTME, here is a table of what you should expect:

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Why Does Kaduna Poly Conduct The Post UTME Screening Exercise?

Just like most higher institutions in Nigeria, the Kaduna State Polytechnic conducts a Post UTME Screening Exercise before accepting students into the school each year.

Reason being that a good number of students who fill in for the JAMB UTME register Kaduna Poly as their Polytechnic of choice and they do not have the capacity to accept all.

Therefore, Kaduna Poly conducts the Post UTME screening exercise in order to get the most qualified and prepared students out of the numerous applicants.

So, to be among the successful students in this year’s screening, you need to prepare adequately for Kaduna Poly Post UTME. One of the ways of doing this is by getting the Kaduna Poly Post UTME Past Questions And Answers.

What Is Kaduna Poly Post UTME Cut off Mark?

To be eligible to write the Kaduna Post UTME, you must meet up with the minimum cut off mark in the just concluded JAMB UTME.

Basically, the general cut-off mark required to participate in the Kaduna State Polytechnic Post UTME is 120.

That is to say, any student who scores lower than 120 in their JAMB UTME screening cannot register for the Kaduna Poly Post UTME.

When Is Kaduna Poly Post Utme Starting In 2020?

The Kaduna State Polytechnic is yet to announce a specific date for the Post UTME 2020 screening exercise.

As soon as it comes out, we will update this page. If you have any questions, please FEEL FREE TO ASK US USING THE COMMENT BOX BELOW.

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Kaduna Polytechnic Post UTME Eligibility

  • Choosing kadpoly either as a first choice or second choice is necessary.
  • You need a JAMB score of 100.
  • B. Tech (Ed). Applicant need like 120 jamb score.

How to Apply for Kaduna Polytechnic Post UTME

Application form for kadpoly forms is 2500 which includes the bank charges.

  • Log onto http://www.kadunapolytechnic.edu.ng/
  • Kindly locate and click “Payment Portal”
  • Generate your SPIN by selecting “Get your SPIN” from the “Payment Portal” and filling the SPIN Form.
  • Generate your RRR and conclude your payment.
  • Remember that payment can also be made online with your card.

How To Register For The Kaduna State Polytechnic Post UTME

Registration for the Kaduna Poly Post UTME is online and quite simple.

To apply, candidates are to follow the following procedures:

  • Log to www.kadunapolytechnic.edu.ng
  • On the menu just kindly select PostUTME Screening Portal
  • Kindly follow the steps the school management has outlined so as not to make mistakes.

How Much is The Kaduna Poly Post UTME? And Payment Process

Applicants can get the Kaduna Poly Post UTME screening exercise online application form at a fee of N2,500.00 (Two Thousand and Five Hundred Naira) only. This sum, however, doesn’t include any bank charges you may be required to pay.

Interested applicants are advised to beware of third parties who may try to hike the price.

It is also, important to note that the Kaduna Poly Past Question and Answers on our platform go for a fee and can be gotten HERE. This updated Past Questions and Answers will help you prepare adequately for the Post UTME.

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7 Easy Ways To Pass Kaduna Poly Post Utme In 2020

To scale through any examination, you have to give time to adequate preparation.

So, to ensure no stone is left unturned, here are some easy tips on how you can pass the Kaduna Poly Post UTME screening exercise:

#1 Choose Kaduna State Polytechnic As Your Choice Polytechnic During Your Jamb Registration

Selecting Kaduna Poly as your choice polytechnic during your JAMB registration is one of the steps you should take if you want to be admitted to the school.

This is so because registration for the Kaduna Poly Post UTME for ND (morning) is only open to candidates who chose the school during their JAMB registration.

#2 Get A Good Jamb Score

Compared to other institutions, the Kaduna Poly Post UTME cut off mark is quite favorable. Therefore, getting a good JAMB score will definitely give you an edge over other applicants in the long run.

#3 Follow All Instructions

Do well to obey any instruction the school gives during your Post UTME application, as well as, the screening exercise.

During the Kaduna Poly Post UTME application process, ensure you provide the needed information and documents. Also, while uploading the documents, make sure you do so using the right medium and format.

In case of a physical screening, make sure you follow any instruction given to you in the exam hall.

#4 Create A Reading Time Table And Start Reading On Time

Avoid last-minute reading, ensure you start studying for the Post UTME the moment you select Kaduna Poly as the polytechnic of choice.

To make things easier, you can draft out a reading time table to follow using your subject combination.

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#5 Study And Practice With Kaduna PolyPost UTME Past Questions And Answers

Read with direction; get to know the nature of Kaduna Poly Post UTME screening exercise by studying with the school’s past questions and answers.

Studying and revising the Post UTME Past Questions and Answers will definitely increase your chances of getting admission this year. This is so because most students who prepared with past questions reports that at least 70% of the Post UTME question come from the past questions as the school repeats questions.

What are you waiting for? Start your preparation on time with the Kaduna Poly Post UTME Past Questions And Answers Here.

#6 Get To Know Your Exam Venue Before The Screening Day

Don’t wait till your exam day before you get to know your exam venue. You do not need to be stressed on your exam day.

Kaduna State Polytechnic ensures that applicants get to know their venues before the exam day. So, it’s your work to know your exam venue on time before the screening.

This will help you to prepare and get to the exam venue on time. Arriving on time has a way of easing stress and reducing pressure.

#7 Time Management

On the exam day, be punctual; if possible, arrive the venue on time.

Also during the screening, time yourself – do not spend all your time on one question, leaving others unanswered.

Not that all the questions carry equal marks, so do not spend your time on one question as it will not help you.

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Time yourself during the exam so you can finish up and have time to revise and make corrections.

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To get admitted into the Kaduna State Polytechnic, you must come out successful in their Post UTME screening exercise. Passing the screening exercise requires that you prepare adequately.

Simply follow the tips provided above and also practice with the Kaduna Poly Post UTME past questions and answers.

Good Luck And Success!!!




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