7 Easy Ways To Pass UNILORIN Post UTME in 2020

The desire to further your education is a great decision. But, the greatest of it all is your ability to prepare yourself towards being considered for admission into UNILORIN. Hence, this is a guide on how to pass UNILORIN post UTME in 2020.

According to the statistics released by JAMB for the school’s admission rate in the previous years, 52,156 females were accepted while their male counterparts were about 51,082 thereby, giving us a total number of 103,238 students that are accepted.

UNILORIN is known to be among the top schools with the highest JAMB candidates. So, these easy ways to pass UNILORIN post UTME will definitely help you to stand out.

Just as the saying goes, ‘proper preparation produces perfect performance’. Thus, it is not just enough to go through this article. You have to implement the steps that have been outlined.

Therefore, the application of this guide is sure to make you stand a chance of being considered for admission.

For an overview, read through the table of content.

Table of Contents

Why Do Nigerian Universities Conduct Post UTME?

Owing to the competitive rush for our Nigerian schools, the National Universities Commission (NUC) brought up the Post UTME to curb massive admission as all applicants can’t be accepted and to create a better atmosphere of learning for students.

So, to give you an edge over other candidates, your preparedness has to come in by laying hands on the past questions.

What is the JAMB Cut-Off Mark for UNILORIN?

It is important to meet up with JAMB and the institution’s cut-off mark. However, if you score a minimum of 180 in the JAMB examination, you are eligible to apply for admission into any faculty of your choice in the institution.

So, whether your choice of the institution comes as the most preferred or more preferred, you can apply for the post UTME exams.

Apparently, there is a big margin between the JAMB cut-off mark and that of the school. To walk you through the departmental cut off marks, below is a list of what it looks like for you to find yourself in the following departments.

Departmental Cut-Off Marks

No official departmental cut-off mark has been released for the 2020/2021 academic session.

However, due to the competitive nature of the school’s admission process, your chance of being admitted is solely dependent on your JAMB score which must be well over 180 and six credits in your O level that you must make in one sitting.

When is the Post UTME for UNILORIN Starting?

You really do know that there’s no sense in waiting till it is almost time before you start preparing for your exams right? Nonetheless, there’s no specific date(s) yet.

You will be given an update when the dates are made public here on the website.

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How Can I Register/Apply for the UNILORIN Post UTME Screening Exams?

For successful registration of exams, below is a step-by-step guide on how you can go about it.

It is important to note that even the minutest of mistakes which you see as what doesn’t matter can deny you the chance of being considered for admission.

  • Visit the website at https://uiluportal.unilorin.edu.ng
  • Click on pre-Admission screening registration
  • Enter your UTME Registration Number, phone number, name, and a valid email address in the columns provided.
  • Click on ‘Get Details’ button to be able to access your jamb profile
  • You can make payment by clicking on the make payment link to generate remita. It is important to note that you can make payment with your debit card.
  • Do not refresh the page to avoid making the same payment twice.
  • Once payment has been verified, you can go ahead to fill the application form.
  • Be sure to go through the form to confirm that there are no mistakes.
  • Click on the ‘submit’ button
  • Print out the form and keep it safe for when you will come along with it for the post UTME.

How Much Is The Post UTME Form for UNILORIN?

Synonymous to other schools, the price for UTME form is 2,000 bank charges excluded. However, the forms will be made available at the various banks nationwide and the school as well.

That notwithstanding, you can make ample use of this time to engage your brain by getting our Unilorin Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

How Can I Get UNILORIN’S Past Questions?

What the past question actually does for you is to keep you abreast of the kind of questions that may come your way and how best to Ace your exam.

However, the World Scholarship Forum Team, in order to save the stress of going to the school to make a purchase of the past question has presented you with an early bird discount to get a soft copy of the past questions and answers at the rate of 1,000 only. This is based on ‘first-come, first-serve policy.

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7 Easy Steps To Pass UNILORIN’S Post UTME Exam

They say success is an offspring of conscious effort. The application of the following guides is sure to give you nothing less of your expectations. Only work towards being the best!

Be Informed

Information they say is power and he who is not informed is deformed. Therefore, for timely and accurate information pertaining to the UNILORIN’S post UTME, you can always log on to our website for updates.

There are informative platforms you can join to get updated on issues of how to land yourself an admission.

Avail Yourself The Opportunity To Be Added To A Network Base

One of the benefits of social media platforms is that you get to meet people in the same social strata with you and exchange ideas.

Through such a platform as our exclusive WhatsApp group, you can sustain a great deal of network that will be beneficial to you in time to come.

Interestingly, you can be added to the group when you have made a purchase of Unilorin Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

You Must Have to Register UNILORIN as Your Most Preferred Choice of School

A great deal of preference is given to candidates who put in UNILORIN as their most preferred choice.

To stand a chance of being admitted, do not overlook this part that you must do.

Confirm Your Exam Venue Beforehand

The repetition of checking and re-checking to confirm your exam date and venue prior to the exam proper is something you can’t avoid till you have sat for the exam.

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There have been reported cases where candidates missed their exams because there was a change in their exam venues while they held unto the initial information they had only to be seen crying helplessly on the assumed date.

You wouldn’t want to be like them, would you?

Be At The Venue Two Hours To The Exam

Apparently, this post UTME exercise creates anxiety in the minds of freshers especially those who do not have anyone to put them through things they need to know.

To overcome this, it is important you arrive at the campus hours to the exam time. This has a way of keeping you stable while you do some revisions if need be.

Go To The Exam Venue With The Required Documents

It is expected of you to make print-outs of your registration form, Jamb result as well as your SSCE results.

Be sure to take them along with you to the hall so you may present it to the examiner if the need arises and not find flimsy excuses to give.

Believe In Yourself To Come Out Tops

Ever imagined how excellent your result will be when there’s a touch of confidence in your hard work?

Most post UTME exams are computer-based and the timer automated. Therefore, it is required of you to be conscious of time.

To scale this, allocate seconds to reading the questions and answering those you know first before coming back to those you don’t know. So, you don’t miss out on both sides.

However, for a performance that is top-notch, purchase Unilorin Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

To help you prepare better for the Post UTME exam for UNILORIN and be a step ahead of other applicants, we have created a WhatsApp group for students about to write the UNILORIN Post UTME.

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Benefits of Joining UNILORIN’S WhatsApp Group?

The following are the benefits you stand to gain when you’re added to the group. This is after you must have purchased the Unilorin Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

  • There will be a provision of answers to questions regarding the Post UTME exam date, venue, timing, and direction.
  • Real-time answers to questions regarding the school, your prospective faculty, department, and their code of conduct.
  • Accommodation assistance from members of the group and students of the school a day before the post-UTME.
  • Essential hacks on scoring high in the Post UTME.
  • Discover and make friends with applicants studying your course.
  • Meet-up and interact face-to-face with friends you made from the group.
  • Full guide on the next step after getting admission.

Don’t miss out on purchasing the Unilorin Post UTME Past Questions and Answers as there is a limited offer for this.


When is UNILORIN’s Post UTME?

The specific date(s) hasn’t been fixed yet.

How much is the form?

The forms are not on sale yet. The price is sure to not exceed 2,000 with bank charges excluded.

How can I get UNILORIN’S past questions and answers?

Your quest to getting the past questions and answers can be satisfied at the World Scholarship Forum at a subsidized rate of 1,000. Follow the link to get one for yourself Unilorin Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.


Gaining admission into UNILORIN is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, UNILORIN post utme is an easy task, if you prepare well.

Having penned down all these which are necessary that you not only read but apply them, all of us at World Scholarship Forum await your success story.




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