7 Ways on How to Pass AKUNGBA Post UTME Exam in 2020

Behind every successful student, there is a place of preparation. Passing the AKUNGBA post utme is the only limiting factor between you and your dream school. We have bridged that gap. This article will guide you on how to Pass AKUNGBA Post UTME. Cheers to having an excellent Post UTME score.

In order not to stress you or make you start toiling the web looking for information which may cost you more data, world scholarship forum have put down in this post 7 easy ways on how to pass AKUNGBA Post UTME Exam.

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Aside from getting the Past questions, we also advise you to carefully read this post word to word, because we have a lot wrapped you here that will be beneficial to you.

Here are the highlights of what to expect in the post.

Why do AKUNGBA Conduct Post UTME Exam?

AKUNGBA conduct Post UTME Exam in order to reduce the number of intakes as it won’t be able to admit all students that applied for admission into the university.

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This is because the number of aspirants that exceed jamb cut off mark are to way more than the university admission rate.

For instance, in the 2018-2019 academic session, over 10,000 candidates applied for admission into the university when the university has only 5300 admission quota.

You can now see why you need to pass the post UTME. I know you will seem to be Down in the dumps if you hit a high score in JAMB, and Post Utme messes you up.

In fact, it is important you study and prepare for this exam very well. Get all the necessary materials like AKUNGBA Post UTME past questions from HERE.

What is AKUNGBA Post UTME Cut off Mark 2020/2021?

AAUA Post-UTME for 2020/2021 academic session is not yet out. The general cut off mark for AAUA Post-UTME / Admission Screening for the 2019/2020 academic session was scored 180 and above.

Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Departmental Cut off Marks

The Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba, AAUA departmental cut-off marks for the 2019/2020 academic session is out. The cut-off points for departments have been made available to candidates who applied for admission.

They are as follows:

Faculty of Agriculture

S/N. Program Cut-Off Points
1 Agricultural Economics Merit – 180
2 Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Merit- 180
3 Agronomy Merit -180
4 Animal Science Merit- 180
5 Fisheries and Aquaculture Merit – 180
6 Forestry and Wildlife Management Merit- 180


S/N. Program Cut-Off Points
1. English Studies Merit- 260
Catchment -245
2. Yoruba Merit- 180
3. Linguistics/Yoruba Merit – 180
4. Philosophy Merit – 185
5. Religious Studies (Religion and African Culture) Merit- 180


S/N. Program Cut-Off Points
1. Adult Education Merit- 180
2. History Education Merit – 180
3. Religious Education Merit – 180
4. Yoruba Education Merit- 180
5. Biology Education Merit- 180
6. Chemistry Education Merit – 180
7. Computer Science Education Merit – 180
8. Integrated Science Education Merit- 180
9. Mathematics Education Merit- 180
10. Physics Education Merit – 180
11. Health Education Merit – 185
12. Human Kinetics Education Merit- 180
13. Technical Education Merit- 180
14. Guidance & Counseling Merit – 190
15. Early Childhood Education Merit – 180
16 Educational Management Merit- 180
17. Geography Education Merit- 180
18. Political Science Education Merit – 180
19. Economics Education Merit – 180
20. Social Studies Education Merit- 180


S/N. Program Cut-Off Points
1. Chemistry Merit- 180
2. Industrial Chemistry Merit – 185
3. Animal and Environmental Biology Merit – 180
4. Mathematics Merit- 180
5. Industrial Mathematics Merit – 180
6. Geology Merit – 180
7 Applied Geophysics Merit – 180
8 Physics and Electronics Merit – 180
9 Plant Science and Biotechnology Merit – 180


S/N. Program Cut-Off Points
1. Banking and Finance Merit- 180
2. Business Administration Merit – 240 Catch – 210
3. Economics Merit – 230
Catchment -200
4. Geography and Planning Sciences Merit – 180
5. Pure and Applied Psychology Merit – 180
6. Sociology Merit – 230
Catchment – 210

When is the AKUNGBA Post Utme Starting?

In the meantime, the AKUNGBA Post Utme/ screening exercise has not commenced yet. But don’t relax yet, you can start preparing right away to avoid been taken unawares.

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How Much is the AKUNGBA Post UTME Form?

AKUNGBA Post UTME Form for 2020/2021 is not yet out, so the price is not known.

However, in the 2019/2020 academic session, the price for the AKUNGBA Post UTME Form was Two Thousand Naira (N2,000.00), only excluding the bank charges for the screening exercise.

How you can Register for AKUNGBA Post Utme Exam 2020

To register for AKUNGBA Post UTME Exam or screening exercise;

  • First, Create Account and generate Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) to make payment at any commercial bank by logging on to the University’s admission screening portal  https://putme.aaua.edu.ng/ with your VALID JAMB Reg No.
  • Ensure you fill in your name in full as it is in JAMB Slip correctly.
  • Get a print-out containing the RRR number from the Bank upon payment of N2,000.00 only.
  • After successful payment, quickly return to the university portal to complete Biodata Form online.

General Instructions to all Candidates

  • Candidates are advised to correctly upload their O Level results and current passport photographs on the portal. A maximum of two (2) sittings is allowed in the case of O’Level requirements. The image format for the passport is JPEG and must not exceed 50kb.
  • The passport photograph must be clean and clear without glasses and a cap/head tie.
  • AAUA accepts WAEC, NECO and NABTEB OLevel results.
  • All applicants awaiting OLevel results may also apply.
  • Candidates are to click on Admission requirements to check on UTME and OLevel requirements for their course of choice.
  • Applicants are advised to read the OLevel requirements of their courses and select the right FIVE subject combinations for their courses, which must include credit passes in English Language and Mathematics.
  • Candidates who did not comply with the UTME subject/OLevel requirements are requested to change to the appropriate course on JAMB CAPS in order to be considered for admission.
  • Ensure that the on-line form is carefully completed, following ALL necessary instructions, as a mistake(s) may be seen as misrepresentation/falsification of documents, which shall lead to disqualification. 
    Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed at the venue of the screening exercise.
  • Candidates are to arrive at the screening venue an hour before the commencement of the exercise.
  • It is compulsory for all candidates to participate in the online screening exercise to enable them to be considered for admission by the University.
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How many Questions in AKUNGBA post UTME Exam?

Basically, the Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba has made their Post UTME questions to be 50 in number. Also, they have made their questions in a very simple approach.

To see the nature of the questions and the approaches on how to answer them, I will advise you to get a complete package of AKUNGBA Post UtME Past Question and Answers. you can do that just by clicking on the button below.

Easy Ways to Pass AKUNGBA Post UTME

Generally, the Post UTME exam is the Crux of the matter when it comes to getting admission into Nigerian University. And most candidates have seen it extremely difficult.

Unfortunately, some students give up hope of studying in their dream university and quickly run to polytechnics and college of educations because of fear.

That is really bad!

But Thank Goodness that you are here with these 7 Easy Ways to Pass AKUNGBA Post UTME Exam you have 95% chances of getting admitted into this prestigious University once you implement them.

Note, these tips have been tested by many candidates and it worked so don’t see it as one of the ways we want to drive traffic because it is not.

Let’s Explore!

#1. Purchase AKUNGBA past questions

If you want to pass AKUNGBA Post UTME Exam the first question that should come your mind should be ‘How can I get AKUNGBA Post UTME Past questions’. This is the first hack to coming out with flying colors from any Nigerian University Post UTME Exam.

This is because these universities set questions from previous years’ questions. Also, studying the past questions opens you to the nature and pattern of questions.

Akungba just like every other university, repeats questions and has a similar pattern which is not different from the previous years’ questions.

Well, you have seen why it’s necessary you get AKUNGBA Post UTME Exam past questions and study it back to back.

Now, to get the past questions, you don’t need to search elsewhere for it, you can get it here for #1000 which is cheaper than the normal price (2000 Naira) it been sold.

Get your Copy Now!

#2. Try to meet some students in the Institution

No man is an Island. Just like you will need people to hold the ladder when you climb to the top so also you need to get acquainted with people.

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Don’t think you know a lot already so you don’t need to ask anybody anything. Experience they say is the best teacher, It mustn’t necessarily be your experience.

When you speak with some students that are already in the university, hear and learn from their experience, you would be able to adapt to the university culture.

You can even find out about your venue and how many minutes it will take you to get there without going to the venue first.

This will enable plan yourself and make a budget of how to spend in order not to run out of cash.

In addition, you can get information about any update with respect to the Post UTME Exam.

#3. Don’t Limit your Study

This is very important.

Sometimes because of laziness and how stressful most students assume studying to be, they tend to cover just the area of concentration or read the subject they are preparing for.

And the end result is FRUSTRATION. This is because they enter exam hall just to see questions not related to the subject they are writing.

I was once among that category of students and I must tell you, it wasn’t funny at all for me.

The truth is that I learn my lessons the wrong way, But I don’t want that to be your case.

So, when preparing for the AKUNGBA Post UTME exam, be versatile in your studying. You might enter the exam hall and 3-5 questions in your English language section may be current affairs or any other subject which is not English Language, Do not be shocked.

In order not to become a victim of such, it is advisable for you to be vast in knowledge while preparing for the entrance exam.

#5. Attend Extra Moral Classes

This tip is also important. Aside from the past questions and other materials you may be prepared with, you can also attend tutorials organized within the university.

Most times, some fellowships, campus churches and even organizations organize extra moral classes for candidates a day before the exam.

Although they do this as a way of reaching out to new members, However, put at the back of your mind that you are attending the tutorial for majorly knowledge sake, not to get boyfriends or girlfriends.

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This will also help you to familiarize yourself with other candidates like yourself.

#5. Be computer literate

Like I told you earlier, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akuko, uses Computer Based Test (CBT) Format for its Post UTME Exams just like most Universities in Nigerian.

In order not to waste much time trying to learn how to use your mouse and pointer or even to on the computer, it is better you take out time and learn how to work on a Computer interface effectively.

It is very necessary.

Lots of candidates waste so much time on trying to operate the computer system until their allocated time elapses, answering very few questions.

#6. Plan Yourself

He who fails to plan they say Plans to Fail. Ensure you have a concrete plan and follow it to the latter.

Plan and set a target of the score you are looking out getting, plan your transportation, your feeding, accommodation, you can even plan what you will wear on that day.

Yes, make a plan for all these things.

Although it might sound funny, it will help you. When you set a goal of the score you are targeting, it will enable you to read more and concentrate more. When you plan your transportation it will help you not to run out of cash.

And when you plan what to wear, you will feel more throughout the day because you will want to wear that dress that makes you look smarter and free.

#7. Adhere to Instruction

Another step that is very relevant is taking and obeying instruction to the core. AKUNGBA puts down instructions on how you can write any examination and you will start failing if you don’t understand the information.

So, it is expedient you read the instructions before you can start answering your questions.

Join Our Exclusive Post-UTME WHATSAPP Group

To help you prepare better for the Post UTME exam for the Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba and be a step ahead of other applicants, we have created a WhatsApp group for students about to write the AKUNGBA Post UTME.

Benefits of the Whatsapp Group

You’ll get the following benefits when you join the AKUNGBA WhatsApp group:

  • Answers to questions regarding the Post UTME exam date, venue, timing, and direction.
  • Real-time answers to questions regarding the school, your prospective faculty, department, and their code of conduct.
  • Accommodation assistance from members of the group and students of the school a day before the post-UTME.
  • Essential hacks on scoring high in the Post UTME.
  • Discover and make friends with applicants studying your course.
  • Meet-up and interact face-to-face with friends you made from the group.
  • Full guide on the next step after getting admission.

To Join: Purchase the AKUNGBA Post UTME past question NOW and get the invite to join the exclusive WhatsApp group.

AKUNGBA Post UTME Examinations FAQs

What is AKUNGBA Post UTME Cut off Mark for 2020?

AKUNGBA Cut-off Mark for 2020/2021 Session is Not yet out. As soon as it comes out, we will update this page. 

How Much is the AKUNGBA Post UTME Form?

Each candidate is expected to pay a non-refundable fee of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000.00), only (excluding Bank charges) for the screening which includes getting the form.

Are there Ways I can Pass AKUNGBA Post UTME in Flying Colours?

Yes, there are easy ways you can pass AKUNGBA Post UTME in Flying Colours. Here are 7 sure ways;

1. Purchase AKUNGBA Post UTME exams past Questions
2. Try to meet some students in the Institution
3. Don’t Limit your Study
4. Attend Extra Moral Class
5. Adhere to Instructions
6. Be Computer Literate
7.Plan Yourself

In conclusion

I am sure you are no longer wondering where to start from? Preparation is all it takes and like I said, You must start right away.

With is 7 tested and trusted easy ways listed above you are covered. No matter how competitive Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Post UTME might be this 2020 when you prepare and study with the right material in which the past Questions is No. one, you will surely come out smiling.

So, if you have purchased your copy in the course of reading this post, Lucky are you and if you are yet to click that download button to purchase your own copy, I advise you to do that right now.




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