Agbami Scholarship For Undergraduate Students 2020 [UPDATED]

The Agbami scholarship scheme follows the Face of Testing (FOT) question standard and format. It is worthy of note that this standard is what most scholarships anchored by Scholastica adopt. The test format covers the following areas:
# Verbal Reasoning
# Verbal Comprehension
# Numerical Reasoning
# Abstract Reasoning
# Intelligent Quotient Test (IQ) and in some cases
# Current Affairs

Agbami Scholarship SAMPLE QUESTIONS

(1). Which of the following is most likely to cause a rise in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere in the future?
   A. Atomic warfare
   B. CO2 from fossil fuels
   C. Dust clouds from volcanoes
   D. Depletion of the earth’s ozone layer

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(2). Which prefix is often used with scientific terms to indicate that something is the same, equal or constant?
A. iso
B. mega
C. meta
D. quasi

(3). A shop keeper sold a T.V set for N17,940 with a discount of 8% and earned a profit of 19.6%. What would have been the percentage of profit earned if no discount was offered?
A. 24.8%
B. 25%
C. 26.4%
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these

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(4). Three friends divided some bullets equally. After all of them shot 4 bullets the total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division. Find the original number divided?
A. 18
B. 20
C. 54
D. 8

(5). 259 is to 37 as
A. 5 is to 1
B. 63 is to 441
C. 84 is to 12
D. 130 is to 19

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