Best Basketball Scholarships 2020 for Developing Countries

Do you know you can combine education with high-level sports while your degree is being funded for you? Without any doubt, this is definitely the smartest way to built your talent and achieve your academic goals.

If you love to play basketball, this is your chance. We have put together a number of Basketball Scholarships for Developing Countries. Read through to access the application details.

Students from underdeveloped or developing countries of the world, including some parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, that are skillful in basketball can access a number of international scholarship programs.

These scholarships are targeted at bringing a more inclusive and diverse student demographic to top colleges and universities across the globe. Don’t miss this chance. apply now!

How to Get a Basketball Scholarship 2020

Just as it is in the world of college football, basketball scholarships at colleges or university level are quite competitive. Qualifying from less developed or still developing countries of the world makes it a tad more difficult.

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You require and must have a great deal of true talent for the game as well as an amazing academic record that puts you ahead of the average students in your locality, coupled with a dose of preparation for the opportunity.

In order to boost your chances for a scholarship package at the right time for yourself, you are advised to start the process of seeking out and applying for scholarship programs that you are eligible for earlier.

You can start by researching and monitoring prospective colleges and universities and keeping tab with new scholarship developments around the world, maintaining contacts with these colleges and building a powerful academic record.

While doing this, make sure to keep developing your talent and skill set in the sport as this is your main pass to these scholarship programs.

Basketball Scholarships 2020 General Requirements

A lot of the funding for a scholarship for basketball players is being controlled by the NCCA, what this entail is that there is a great emphasis on not just the talent of the athlete but also on the academic record, seeing that recipients of the scholarship must meet certain academic grade requirements.

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However, coaches might be a little bit less flexible with the requirements you need to qualify for their colleges or universities, depending on the level of your talent.

Whatever the case though, it is your responsibility to prepare as much as you can for the opportunity, and not just that, you should not sit waiting for the opportunity to come, go look for it yourself.

Quite a number of scholarships for basketball players who come from yet to be developed or still developing countries often times come with additional criteria like a specific subject of study, a particular destination or country of origin, affiliation to a particular university, etc.

Considering this, it might require some savvy scholarship hunt and a bit of flexibility to get that one that suits you. Although no one is actually stopping you from applying for 5, 8, or even 10 international scholarships at a time.

Listed below are some of the best scholarship for basketball players in developing countries:

#1. The University of Worcester Basketball Scholarship

This is a scholarship for basketball players offered by the University of Worcester. The University offers three basketball scholarships, available for talented basketball athletes who are students.

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These categories of students who are eligible for the offer can apply for either undergraduate or postgraduate programs in the school.

This scholarship program is sponsored by a partnership between the University of Worcester and the Worcester Wolves Basketball Club.

The scholarship award covers the following:

  • Academic Course fees and accommodation
  • An opportunity to play in the BBL for the Worcester Wolves professional Basketball team
  • An opportunity to play in the British Universities Championships for the university team
  • A free playing registration
  • Full playing and training schedule
  • A free gym membership
  • Free access to coaching and officiating awards
  • Sports science support
  • Financial support, etc.

Candidates who are interested in applying for this basketball scholarship are required to have an outstanding record of achievements, or high potentials to be a successful player in the BBL. They should also be able to meet the criteria for their specific preferred arrear of study.

How to apply for University Of Worcester Basketball Scholarship 2020

If you’re interested in applying for a University of Worcester sports scholarship then please read our sports scholarship information pack and complete an application form.

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#2. DAAD Scholarship With Relevance To Developing Countries

The DAAD Scholarship is a German Academic Exchange Service initiative. It provides scholarship awards for a range of courses to promising young international students from developing countries in South America, Africa, Central, and Eastern Europe, Pacific Island, Asia, etc.

The initiative is subdivided into units of scholarship support programs with various full or partial scholarships. Some of them are:

Holland Scholarship | Basketball Scholarships for International Students

The Holland Scholarship is a division of the DAAD scholarship. It is for international students from developing countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Students who wishes to further their education either at the bachelor’s or master’s degree level at universities in Holland that are participants of the DAAD initiative.

The scholarship package is worth €50000 which will be given to the recipients during their first year of study.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program | Basketball Scholarships for International Students

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is another division of the initiative developed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to attract the best foreign students to French institutions for masters and Ph.D. programs.

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The scholarship program pays monthly allowances to recipients of the award. This program also covers other expenses like health insurance, cultural activities, return trips, etc. It, however, does not cover tuition fees.

There are quite a number of other scholarship programs you could benefit from as a student from any of the developing countries in the world, depending on your eligibility for such scholarship programs.

Achievers and goal-getters most times do not just sit around waiting for opportunities to come by, they go out in search of opportunities, fully prepared and ready to grab these opportunities once they come by them.

As a talented basketball player who is a student in any developing or yet to be developed country anywhere in the world, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities that could sponsor you to some of the best educational institutions in the world.

What you need to do is search for these opportunities and be prepared to seize them when you see them.

The tips that have been discussed in this article will surely put you on an advantage of getting these scholarship opportunities.



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