List Of Best Student Loan Refinance Companies

To choose your refinancing companies, you will need to consider the fixed-rate ranges, variable-rate ranges, rate check option, minimum credit score, refinancing terms, repayment option, hardship options, and the fees.

Earnest Student Loan Refinance

Earnest was founded in 2013 and has funded more than $4.5 billion in student loan refinancing to about 50,000 borrowers. You may be approved for a loan with a debt-to-income ratio of up to 65%.

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Top For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Overall + MBA student loan refinancing 3.45-6.99% 2.05-6.49% 650

Wells Fargo Student Loan Refinance

Top For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Overall + Student loan refinancing with no degree + Student loan refinancing with a bank 5.24-9.74% 5.24-9.74% Does not disclose

SoFi Student Loan Refinance

SoFi has offered student loans since 2011 and has served more than 250,000 borrowers with more than $18 billion in student loan refinancing. Borrowers with a credit score as low as 650 may be qualify. You can apply for student loan refinancing online with SoFi and get an instant decision.

Top For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Overall + Fast payoff + Medical school loan refinancing + Law school loan refinancing 3.46-7.94% 2.14-7.94% 650

PenFed Student Loan Refinance

The lender offers Lower your monthly payment or pay off your student loan. Also, offers fixed Rates as low as 3.48% APR and Variable Rates as low as 2.42% APR.

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Top For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Fast payoff + Parent loan refinancing + Customer service + Student loan refinancing with a credit union 3.48-6.03% 2.42-7.16% 670

Laurel Road Student Loan Refinance

A division of KeyBank, online lender Laurel Road has offered student loans and refinancing since 2013. Borrowers with a minimum credit score of 660 can apply.

Top For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Dental school loan refinancing 3.50-7.02% 2.43-6.65% 660

Education Loan Refinance

Education Loan has offered student loan refinancing since 2015. A division of SouthEast Bank, the management team has more than 30 years of experience in student loans. The lender offers loan terms from five to 20 years.

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Top For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Veterinary school loan refinancing + Customer service 3.14-6.69% 2.39-6.01% 680

CommonBond Student Loan Refinance

CommonBond is one of the first student loan refinancing companies. The lender offers a unique unemployment protection program where loan payments are paused.

Also, the lender helps eligible graduates find new jobs and even hires them for short-term consulting projects. In addition, commomBond offers a minimum of 660 credit scores to borrowers.

Best For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Customer service 3.21-7.24% 2.14-7.21% 660

Prodigy Student Loan Refinance

Prodigy offers a one-month grace period between graduation and your first payment to ease the pressure that comes with transitioning to work.

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The lender offers variable interest rates, which start at 4% and 7 to 20 years to pay off your loan, depending on your terms.

Best For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
International student loan refinancing N/A 6.56-8.65% N/A

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank offers a lot of great loan options, backed by the stability of a bank. The lender offers a minimum credit score of 680 to borrowers.

Best For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
refinancing a large loan balance 3.45%+ 2.15%+ 680


LendKey is a student loan refinancing lender that pools money from community banks and credit unions to offer well-priced student loans to borrowers.

The lender offers loans between $5,000 and $300,000, depending on the degree earned by the loan holder.

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LendKey bases its rates upon your credit and discounts are given for auto-pay. They also have no origination or prepayment fees.

Note that the lender does not allow refinancing for borrowers who didn’t graduate. However, LendKey offers $300 bonus for refinancing loans under $150,000, and a $750 bonus if you refinance loans over $150,000!

Best For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Students who want to choose from multiple lenders with one application and Students who want up to 20 years for refinancing 5.36% 4.05% 680

Splash Financial

Splash Financial offers student loans with no original fees and unique repayment plans. For example, they are one of the few lenders that allow spouses to refinance together.

They offer loans between $5,000 and no maximum. They also have some of the lowest rates for qualified borrowers.

The great thing about Splash Financial is that they offer one of the best bonuses currently available and is currently offering College Investor readers a $500 bonus if you refinance at least $50,000

Best For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Physicians who need flexible refinancing terms while completing their training 3.48% – 7.02% 2.25% – 7.41% 670


Earnest is one of the most flexible student loan refinancing companies. Basically they offer the ability to pick any monthly payment and term between 5 to 20 years saving you more than standard rates and terms.

The lender also gives you the opportunity to change your loan and you can refinance your loan for free, change payment dates, even skip a payment once a year and make it up later.

Earnest has no set income requirements for borrowers. They also offer unemployment protection to pause your monthly payments if you lose your job.

Best For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
 borrowers looking to refinance their student loans without a co-signer 3.45% to 6.99% 5.99% to 17.88 650


The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority, known as MEFA, offers student loan refinancing and private student loans for undergrads and graduate students across all 50 U.S. states.

The lender offers loans to borrowers without a co-signer and also offers a minimum of 670 credit score.

Best For Fixed APR Variable APR Min. Credit Score
Loans without Co-signer 3.45% – 6.99% 3.33% – 5.38% 670

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