Cheapest Student Accommodation in Adelaide 2020

As a student, there is nothing more frustrating than having a room that the thought of going back to after classes leaves you feeling irritated.

Where you live contributes a lot to your total wellbeing and academic performance. This is why accommodation has always been one of the essential things any student must give attention to.

You need to properly plan and select a students’ apartment that is welcoming and capable of easing you of the tensions of classroom lectures.

There are a good number of beautiful apartments in Adelaide for students studying in the city. To get one, you’ll have to consider the cost, proximity to your school, and comfort.

If cost is your major consideration, you have to be very careful to avoid making the wrong choice. This is because there are so many affordable accommodations in Adelaide that may not provide all the comfort you need.

For this reason, you need to be well guided. And in this article, we will show how to get any of the cheapest accommodation in Adelaide that will provide you with all the comfort you need.

Also, you will learn the types of Adelaide accommodations for students and lots more.

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Why go for a Student Accommodation in Adelaide?

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and the fifth-largest capital city in Australia. It is among the world’s most homey cities. In fact, it’s in the ranking list of the top ten most cozy cities in the world.

Aside from that, the city offers a balanced lifestyle with world-class educational institutions and a thriving local economy. And getting into the city is very easy compared to other cities.

This is the main reason its the study destination for most foreign students who want to study in Australia.

Whether as an international student or citizen once you want to study at any of the schools located in Adelaide, it’s expedient you live within the cities for convenience reasons.

With the livable, excellent standard of living, food, and significant discounts on public transport and affordable accommodation in Adeliade, students can easily enjoy your student life.

Are there things I should consider before going for a Student Accommodation?

Yes, of course.

Due to the effect your environment can create on you, it’s important that when choosing where to stay, you pay rapt attention. This is because where you live can affect you either positively or negatively.

So, before you consider choosing any student accommodation either in Adelaide or any other city, you must look at some factors.

Some of these factors include:

  • How safe is the accommodation
  • Nearness to School
  • Internet Availability
  • How Spacious is the room
  • Rent
  • Neatness
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Now let’s take them one after the other

How safe is the accommodation

This is the first factor you must consider. How safe is the environment when the accommodation is situated.

Although Adelaide is one of the most safe and homey cities in Australia, there are still some part that is not that secure.

Nearness to School

Imagine what will happen when you spend most of your money on transportation. You won’t like it at all. Even though the government gives student discount on public transport cost, its wise you rent a room that is very close to your school.

At least it will save you a lot of stress.

Internet Availability

We are in the internet world. And you know that as a student, you can’t do without it. In fact, a life without internet access can be very terrible. Believe me, you won’t want to experience that.

So, when getting an accommodation, consider the internet accessibility.

How Spacious is the Room

This is another factor you should consider. Although most students ignore this, it’s important you get a room that is spacious. With such a room, you have enough space to do other activities like party.

How Affordable is the Rent

When picking a room consider the cost. Make sure it’s something you can pay for comfortably without having to ask a friend for money.

What is the cost of getting Student Accommodation in Adelaide?

What you will spend on getting accommodation will be dependent on the type of accommodation and where its situated.

For instance, what you will spend to get a University-Managed Accommodation will be total different from what you will spend on getting a Student Hostel.

According to, going for a Shared Rental will cost you about $85 to $215 per week. Meanwhile, a Homestay will cost about $235 to $325 per week.

Going for a hostel will cost you about $90 to $150 per week, while on-campus will cost $90 to 280 per week.

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Then if you prefer boarding schools, just get ready to pay about $11,000 to $22,000 per year.

What are the Student Accommodation in Adelaide Options?

One good thing about living in Adelaide is that there is access to a range of quality and affordable accommodation options.

These accommodations options include;

  • University-Managed Accommodation
  • Purpose-Built Student Accommodation
  • Residential Colleges
  • Student Hostels
  • Private Rentals
  • Homestay

Let’s explain a bit

University-Managed Accommodation

These types of accommodation are provided by some universities. They are situated off-campus while some are on-campus. University-managed accommodation in Adelaide takes care of student’s meals, rent, and utilities.

This is another type of adelaide student accommodation that will help you to be independent.

Just like Student Hostels, you will be responsible for all utility costs and preparing all your meals. And you will also do the furnishing.

If you need cheap student accommodation in Adelaide, then go for a student hostel is the best option.

Here you are free to cook and eat whatever you want at any time. Also, responsible for all utility costs and preparing all your meals.

Most of the student hostels in Adelaide has communal facilities such as a bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and lounges.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation

This is another type of student accommodation in Adelaide. This accommodation is more expensive because it offers a variety of facilities and accommodations styles and facilities with high quality.

Unlike University-Managed Accommodation, all the Purpose-Built Student Accommodations are located off-campus.

This type of accommodation is more beneficial to students who are living away from home for the first time. This is because it will help them to be independent.

Typically, this Adelaide student accommodation provides a private fully-furnished room, tutorial programs, and study support, pastoral care and a welcoming community, and fully catered meals in dining halls and shared communal kitchens.

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This is the cheapest type of Adelaide student accommodation a student can go for. Here you will live with a local Australian family. The family takes responsibility for all bills including cooking.

Aside from it been the cheapest, you will also be enabled to learn Australian culture and lifestyle faster.

Are there Cheap Student Accommodation in Adelaide?

Generally, student accommodations in Adelaide are cheap but some are cheaper than the others. If you want to study in Adelaide and you don’t want to spend much on accommodation, there are the cheapest Adelaide student accommodations that you can rent.

That they are very cheap doesn’t mean that they are of a low standard. Some of them are spacious, neat, and very safe.

The cost ranges from $120 to $300 weekly.

Documents you must present when going for a Student Accommodation in Adelaide

To get accommodation in any part of Adelaide, there are some documents you must present to the owner of the house. Aside from having the money, you might not be allowed to rent the apartment if you don’t meet up with some of the requirements.

First, you must present either acceptance letter, confirmation of enrollment, or student ID. This serves as a proof that you are a student.

Then a passport, drivers license or any recognized ID as a means of identification. You must have 2 personal referees either from your teacher, coach or employer.

After providing all these documents, you are expected to make bond payment and an initial 2 weeks rent paid in advance.

How to Get the Cheapest Student Accommodation in Adelaide Fast

Having seen the cheapest student Accommodations Addelaide has, the next thing to do is to apply. To apply, follow the steps below:

Check for the available Accommodations

This is the first step. Having known the types of accommodation and the most affordable ones, you have to check if the type you want is available.

Admission, Courses Offered Tuition Fee, Ranking

You can do by using student Home Websites. These websites show you the available rooms that you can make your choice from.

Select a Room

This is the next step to take. Once you have seen the available accommodations, you have to make your choice considering the factors I mentioned earlier.

Get an Agent Confirmation

After making your choice, an agent is to confirm if really the accommodation is available. I have seen a scenario where a student after completing documentation, finds out that the house has been rented by someone else.

To avoid that, ensure that you get a confirmation from an agent before moving to the next step.

Complete Documentation

Once the agent confirms that the room is available you can make the necessary payments. Sign the required documents and become a legal occupant of the room.

FAQ On How to Get Student Accommodation in Adelaide

What are the types of student accommodation in Adelaide?

There are different types of accommodations for Adelaide students that can offer them all the comfort they need.
Some of them includes;
University-Managed Accommodation
Purpose-Built Student Accommodation
Residential Colleges
Student Hostels
Private Rentals

What is included in student accommodation?

A student accommodation has rooms, bathrooms, ktichens and relaxation rooms.

What are the factors to consider when choosing Adelaide student accommodation?

Some of these factors include:

How safe is the accommodation
Nearness to School
Internet Availability
How Spacious is the room

What is the cost of student accommodation Adelaide homestay?

Homestay accommodations will cost about $235 to $325 per week


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