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The Commonwealth Foundation COVID 19 Special Grants is receiving applications from eligible civic societies. This is to aid Civic societies to continue to engage with the government to improve governance and development outcomes.

The devastating effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is greatly felt by all and sundry. And, the Commonwealth Foundation understands the effect on Civic societies. So, grants up to £30,000 have been mapped out to aid only eligible civic societies.

To confirm eligibility, and see a full guide on how to apply, read this piece.

A glance at the table of contents below will reveal a series of questions pertaining to eligibility, and how to apply for this special grant.

Table of Contents

About Commonwealth Foundation Grants to Civil Societies

The Commonwealth Foundation provides support to civil societies yearly. Generally, the Commonwealth Foundation supports innovative ideas and projects that strengthen the civic voice.

To get these grants to civil societies, projects and ideas must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Projects must be effective in holding governance institutions to account
  • Ideas must enhance involvement in policy processes
  • Innovations must shape public discourse

The pandemic aftermath hit virtually all sectors unfairly. So, in response to this financial fallout, the Commonwealth Foundation is granting Civil societies special COVID-19 grants to civil society organisations in a bid to advance the broader mission.

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To that end, the focus will be on supporting national initiatives that aim to engage constructively with the government in strengthening relevant institutions, policies, and practices as communities and countries seek to recover and rebuild. 

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Commonwealth COVID-19 Special Grants?

To become a beneficiary of this special COVID-19 grant from The Commonwealth Foundation, your civil society must be recognized in a commonwealth Member States.

Basically, the COVID-19 special grants is receiving application from eligible civil society organisations from all Commonwealth Member States.

Host Nationality

The Great Britain

Eligible Nationality

All Commonwealth Member States

What is the Worth of Commonwealth Foundation COVID-19 Grants to Civil Societies?

Beneficiaries of the Commonwealth COVID-19 Special Grant will be awarded £10,000 – £30,000 for a maximum duration of 12-months.

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How to Apply for Covid-19 Special Grants to Civil Societies

Applications should relate to one or more aspects of the COVID-19 situation and response. Possible focus areas might include:

  1. Research into, and monitoring of, government and civil society responses to the pandemic that aim to identify gaps, weaknesses, and good practices that could be used to inform current practice and future policy: including the impact of laws and policies in general, or in relation to specific groups such as women; workers in the informal economy; migrants and refugees or specific issues such as, for example, gender-based violence and access to treatment
  2. Support to civil society organisations, networks, and coalitions to enable more effective engagement with government on development and implementation of policies and plans to address the pandemic in the longer term, or respond to new health emergencies
  3. Promotion of civil society engagement with the national government, private sector, and academic institutions to innovate and develop quality products for vulnerable groups that reduce risks associated with pandemics
  4. Facilitating multi-stakeholder discussions or bodies (e.g. taskforce) to review and suggest reforms to policies and programs that can better protect: vulnerable populations; informal workers; and frontline staff during and after the pandemic
  5. Awareness raising and other forms of community engagement aimed at improving social and other protections, especially for vulnerable groups in collaboration with the national government
  6. Convening and/or participating in discussions with the national government aimed at improving transparency and strengthening institutions, policies, and practices. Download special grants call documents here.
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When is the Application Deadline for Commonwealth Foundation COVID-19 Grants?

All Applications for the COVID -19 Special Grants from Commonwealth Foundation must be submitted before 18 September 2020 1pm BST. Applications submitted later than the date above will not be considered.

Commonwealth Foundation COVID-19 Grants FAQS

When is the deadline for Commonwealth COVID-19 Special Grants?

The deadline for the COVID-19 special grants is 18th September, 2020

What is the worth of Commonwealth COVID-19 Special Grants?

Beneficiaries will receive for a maximum duration of 12 months.

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Who can Apply for The Commonwealth COVID-19 Special Grants?

Civil societies from eligible Commonwealth Member States.


The Commonwealth Foundation is receiving applications from eligible civil societies. However, you must apply rightly to stand a chance of becoming a beneficiary.

This piece provides information on who is eligible to apply, the worth of the grant, and a guide on how to apply.



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