Duke University Executive Education Programs and Cost 2020

Gaining an entry position with a graduate degree is awesome. However, you can only attain executive positions with postgraduate degrees or long years of working experience. The Duke University offers Executive Education programs that qualify you for an executive position in any company. Hence, this article throws more light on all you need to know about Duke University Executive Education.

Executive education consists of short business and leadership courses that teach you how to explore your leadership skills in any managerial position. Enrolling for a sand Doctoral degree is essential, however, it is quite demanding both with time and commitment.

On the contrary, Duke University makes it possible for you to get the same exposure, through executive education. With these certificate courses, you can easily attain any executive cadre in any company.

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What is an Executive Education?

Executive education simply means educational programs offered at the graduate level business school. Basically, the program is designed to address all the major concerns that may arise from being a business leader, manager or attaining an executive position in any establishment.

Executive education programs can be attended by business leaders, functional managers, and new executive personnel.

Executive education is an important tool for global businesses to nurture top leadership talent. It offers executives new knowledge to enhance skills and gives them the opportunity to step back and gain new perspectives. Hence, new talents can be nurtured by these executive educations without attending a regular degree.

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Is an Executive Education Worth it?

Yes, executive education is worth every dime and financial commitment you make. In fact, in terms of networking, executive education allows young talents and new managers or even business owners to meet older intellectuals with many years of working experience.

These intellectuals are usually the top people in their fields, so through their mentoring classes, they can equip young talents with all they need to grow in the business world.

Also, Executive education is an investment worth making, especially, if the content reflects what you really need to learn. Executive education closes the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

However, it is important you ascertain the qualification of the institution, professional body, or individuals offering the executive course. Currently, Duke management located at Durham, offers one of the most reliable executive education in the United States

So, enrolling for a trusted executive education program at Duke University is an essential investment and really worth it.

Why Duke University’s Executive Education?

The Duke University Executive Education is one of the most reliable in the country and even across the globe.

Managed by the Duke Center for International Development, the executive education programs are designed to meet the needs of mid-career public policy professionals in government agencies, international institutions, the non-governmental community, and the private sector.

Basically, the enrollment requirements for Duke executive courses are usually just a bachelor’s degree. So, once you are a graduate, you do not need any other specification to qualify for executive education.

The education program is designed in such a way that any one who attends gets value for their investment. Even if you are a total novice at managerial positions or executive cadre in your field of study, you can always cope with Duke’s program.

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Another interesting reason for you to consider enrolling for an executive course at Duke University is the sole fact that it offers business mangement preliminaries and more in an easy way.

It is important to note that executive education does not replace the role of business schools. However, it ushers you into the basics and equips you with all you need to excel at your new managerial role. If you are wondering your chances of getting being accepted at Duke University, read this detailed piece on Duke University Acceptance Rate.

In a nutshell, Duke University’s Education is important because of the following reasons;

  • It is best tor young leadership talents
  • The certificate course can be acquired within a shorter period
  • It provides the strategies and tools that ensure you’ll become what you need to be next
  • It has executive courses for all fields and sector of the economy
  • Duke University’s executive education is built around current research and trends in management.
  • Executive Education Programs at Duke helps you solve current challenges while providing frameworks you can apply over time
  • Executive education courses are taught by the same world-renowned faculty who teach in our MBA programs

When Should I consider Duke Executive Education?

There are so many reasons to learn something new every day. One of these major reasons is to keep being relevant at your place of work. Basically, it is a whole lot of disaster to attain a level you are not prepared for.

However, it is possible to learn how to be efficient and effective in that new position. The executive education at Duke University is designed to cater for even newbies as well as professionals. The most interesting part of getting an executive education is that it allows you to mingle with the best in the business world of your chosen field.

In a nutshell, you should consider Duke leadership and executive programs if:

You are expecting a promotion

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Expectations at entry-level are totally different from managerial expectations. So, it is important to enroll for executive education programs at Duke University if you are moving up in a company.

It is essential you get this knowledge because you will now be managing people whose jobs are outside your expertise.

So, you need to expand your knowledge base, whether that means learning the basics of finance and technology or building muscle in large-scale strategic thinking.

You are considering switching careers

Basically, an executive education should be your best option if you are looking at switching careers. Especially, if you intend to acquire more skills for the new job while still at your job.

Also, the benefits of group-based learning for executives looking to build relationships and grow their network can not be under-emphasized. The networking opportunities Executive education course offer could be all you need for a career change.

Your employer wants you to go for it.

Once you receive speculations of your not performing excellently at your new role, then, it is a call to wake up. While most companies will ask you to gain more knowledge in that field to improve productivity, you should assess yourself to know when you need an upgrade.

Hence, whether you are directly asked to go for one or your performance don’t speak well, consider an executive education at Duke University. Especially, if you are new to the executive cadre of your company.

Executive Education Programs at Duke University

There are numerous executive education programs at Duke University. However, availability depends on when you wish to enroll and how much you are willing to part with alongside mode of delivery.

At Duke University, online and traditional executive education programs abound. Here are some of them.

#1. Business Negotiation Skills

This is an online executive education program that is delivered online. It cost about $1200 for new students and only $150 for Duke Alumni.  The 4 and half-day sessions are designed to aid you to learn the best negotiation skills. The program is scheduled to begin Oct 13 – Oct 16, 2020

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You will get to practice using strategies that capitalize on each party’s strengths while leveraging the different perspectives of others in the program. To register, click the button below.

#2. Creating a Data-Driven Culture

This executive course is a new program executive education program and its date has been postponed indefinitely pending the global pandemic. It cost about $1200 for new students and only $150 for Duke Alumni.  

The 1 day sessions is designed to aid you to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based insights and optimized outcomes by enabling your employees to understand data and use it in their decision-making.

Click the button below to get information on when next the course is scheduled.

3. Financial Analysis for Non-Finance Leaders Online

This executive course is an online executive education program. It costs about $2000 for new students and only $150 for Duke Alumni.  The Duke leadership executive course will teach students the elements of financial information and how to use them in decision-making.

It is designed to be a six weekly live streaming class sessions and discussions while completing assignments on your own schedule. The program is scheduled to run from 24th of June through 29th of July 2020. To register, click the button below.

Other Executive programs at Duke University Include:

How Much Does Executive Education at Duke University Cost?

At Duke University, executive education fees are processed based on executive courses enrolled for. Generally, these fees cover the cost of lodging and meals at the JB Duke Hotel.

Duke University expects executive education program participants to stay at the JB Duke Hotel. This is to enhance the overall learning experience and create additional time to discuss what’s been taught in class. 

In summary, it cost between $1000-$7000 to complete an executive education program at Duke University. While Alumni pays a lesser amount between $150-$2000 depending on the executive course.

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If this sounds expensive to, don’t worry, simply apply for a postgraduate scholarships here.

Click the button below to get details on how much your executive course may cost.

Duke Executive Education FAQs

What is an executive course?

An executive course is one or many areas of concern , you may need to study as an obligation to completing an executive education program .

What is executive management program?

This is a multi-modular general management and leadership program (EPGM). It introduces mid-career managers and leaders to the latest in MIT thought leadership on innovation, strategy, decision-making, and leadership.

How much doe Duke Executive education cost?

Executive Education at Duke University cost about $1000 to $6500 to earn. However, Duke Alumni pay lesser ranging from $150-$1,000.

What is an executive diploma?

An executive diploma is more of a professional diploma, where individuals already in a certain industry seek to further enhance their prospects.
Basically, these diplomas may not be exclusively awarded by the university themselves, but rather, run and conducted in conjunction with a certain body relevant in the industry


One way to remain relevant in the society of today is to keep growing. Practically, change is inevitable. So, to understand new trends and a better way of doing things; you must keep learning.

Interestingly, universities and professional bodies have devised new ways to make learning easier. This is now beyond the four walls of university education.

Executive education is one of those short learning programs to keep you up to date with happenings in your field. Most of them are offered online by Duke University. So, from the comfort of your home, you can keep up your relevance by learning new things.

In fact, if you are new to the executive cadre of your company, or you have noticed that your performance has dropped over time; simply find one or more courses at Duke University executive education program to improve your proficiency.




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