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Negotiations on the $ 2.2 trillion stimulus package continue this Tuesday against coronavirus that Democrats approved in the House, but the President’s Administration Donald trump seeks to reduce.

With the return to the White House of the president, the agreements could take a more accelerated course, taking into account that the president seeks to send aid before the electoral process and urged the Congo to approve the package, although the republicans resist.

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1. The proposal

The renewed HEROES Law defended by the president of the Chamber, Nancy pelosi (California), it is one of the most comprehensive plans that includes all the aid fronts, starting with the $ 1,200 dollars per family and $ 600 dollars of the unemployment insurance bond. It also includes:

  • Support to companies and hospitals
  • School funds
  • Support for state and local governments
  • Assistance for renters and homeowners
  • Additional Resources for Testing and Contact Tracing
  • Measures to strengthen the post office and complete the census
  • Help businesses such as restaurants and theaters
  • Funds for the transit system
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2. The problem

The Trump Administration, represented by the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, resists resources for state and federal governments, also wants to reduce the $ 600 bond to unemployment insurance.

The counterproposal to that of the Democrats is $ 1.6 trillion, but Pelosi and her colleagues consider the amount to be very low, although they are willing to reduce the original $ 2.2 trillion, but “not much”said the Democratic congressman Ted lieu (California).

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3. The times

The agreement should happen this week, as it would give congressmen time to draft the new legislation, which would take at least two weeks, to then pass it in Congress.

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The Senate is in a kind of semi-recess, but on October 19 it would return to plenary sessions, mainly to endorse the judge Amy coney barrett for the Supreme Court.

In that period, the new stimulus package could be approved, if it is to be done before the elections.

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If these actions take place in those times, the Tax Collection Office (IRS) could start processing payments faster than with the CARES Act, having the necessary infrastructure.


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