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Tacos are not only an irresistible craving, they can be a very complete and healthy meal. Discover 4 ideas of the most accessible, delicious and low in calories

Once you taste the tacos, chances are that become an addiction. They are one of the most traditional, versatile and everyday in Mexico, you find them on every corner and the list of varieties is long. Although there are some types of tacos that are incredibly popular and typical, How is the case del pastor, suadero, barbecue, kid, carnitas and cochinita pibil. It is fascinating to know that it is a theme so diverse and complex in Mexican gastronomy, it could be said that there is a different taco in each stall, taqueria and restaurant.

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Much of the beauty of tacos is found in the infinite probabilities and combinations that can be housed in a steaming tortilla. The truth is that there are fillings of characterized by their high fat content, while other options may be more light, healthy and equally delicious. Know you are 4 homemade recipes, accessible and low in calories, a great idea for meals and dinners nutritious and complete.

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1. Mexican tuna tacos

We all have some cans of tuna in the pantry, although it is very common to prepare it in ceviche or salad; As a taco filling it is an immense success. All you have to do is cook the tuna with tomato, onion, chili, chips and cilantro, the result is a rich and satisfying filling. It is characterized by its high content of proteins of high biological value, vitamins and minerals, is a version of tacos accessible to all pockets and low in calories and fat.

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2. Lettuce tacos with chicken al pastor

For those who are under a strict diet and above all low carbYes, lettuce-based tacos are a great alternative. Such is the case of this recipe that tastes great thanks to unbeatable pastor marinade chicken, which goes perfectly with sweet pineapple chunks and the crispy of lettuces. Without a doubt a delight of the most healthy and nutritious.

3. Marinated mushroom tacos

Without a doubt one of the great genius of tacos is that they can be created according to preferences of each person, are coupled in the same way to vegetarians, vegans, people who eat meat, but not dairy, gluten intolerant and in general to any food restriction. This version of vegan tacos with mushrooms not only is it light, it is very nutritious, rich and a good alternative take advantage of all the ingredients that we have in the refrigerator.

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4. Flank steak tacos

Beef is one of the most used for create the most delicious taco fillingsYes, although there are many types of meat tacos: those of flank steak are a classic. It is a very accessible cut that is found in all butchers and supermarkets, it is juicy and has an exquisite flavor. A great alternative for meat lovers, and a good choice of complete and satisfying meal. Add a few slices of avocado and of course you can’t miss one rich Mexican sauce.

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