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As the name suggests, the diet apple is a diet in which this fruit plays an important role, being consumed in most of the main dishes. This diet promises weight loss as well as other health benefits.

As Kiwilimón indicates, the apple diet allows you to integrate other non-caloric foods from the second day in order to diversify the absorption of nutrients, so as not to give the apple a too leading role.

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Properties and benefits of apple

The apple is a great ally when it comes to losing weight. Source: Unsplash

In this fruit we find a significant content of dietary or soluble fiber. This type of fiber is very good for people who need to eat foods with a important satiating power to stay on a diet.

The apple also has a cellulose content that allows it cleanse the colon and perform detoxification functions in general.

The apple is a low calorie and low fat fruit. Thus, for every 100 grams of apple that we consume, we will have a contribution of only 52 kilocalories and 0.4 grams of fat. On the other hand, in apples we find malic acid, a component that mobilizes fat.

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This fruit helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, and keeps blood pressure levels under control.

Finally, apples bring vitality to our body, so we can move more and thus burn more calories.

Menu for apple diet

In the apple diet, you are invited to include fruit in most dishes. Source: Pexels

If you want an example of how you can carry out the apple diet, here is a example of foods for five days of this diet:

Day 1

The first day is open to creativity. It is advisable to eat apple-based throughout the day. It is also important to drink between a liter and a half, and 2 liters of water throughout the day so that you do not suffer from dehydration.

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Day 2

At breakfast it is suggested to eat apples. Then, at lunch you can try a green salad without oil and with little salt, vinegar and lemon. Finally, for dinner, apples, and if you are very hungry you can add turkey or skim cheese.

Day 3

Whole wheat bread, turkey and apple are recommended for breakfast. For lunch, a green salad version, and for dinner, apples.

Day 4

For breakfast, whole wheat bread, turkey and apple. For lunch, steamed vegetables and tuna. Finally, at dinner you can include cereals with skim milk.

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Day 5

For breakfast on this day, you can eat whole wheat bread, apple and boiled egg. For lunch, baked meat and green salad, and for dinner, apples.

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It is important that you are accompanied by a specialist while on the apple diet to ensure that you will not notice the dreaded rebound effect. This will ensure that all the effort you put in is not wasted.

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