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The idea aims to explain to children in an educational way what is happening in today’s world on such important issues as equality, discrimination and racism

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The great animated characters of our childhood are tackling current issues to raise awareness.

Elmo and his father Louie (from Sesame Street) addressed the racism and the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer on a CNN special, explaining it in such a way that young viewers could understand it. Now, Barbie (in animated form) is using his own platform to similarly speak about racism to his viewers.

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In the last video uploaded to the YouTube channel of Barbie (where she has more than 9 million subscribers), her friend Nikki joins her for talk about racism.

For the most part, Barbie listens to Nikki talk about how the police stopped her when she was selling stickers on a beach. She also regrets that a teacher told her that the reason she got a perfect score on a French honors club entrance exam was because she was “lucky.” Barbie is outraged by what happens to her friend.

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“I don’t want to have to prove myself over and over to others, constantly,” Nikki explains when Barbie asks why she doesn’t say the teacher is wrong. “They don’t support me, they do. Usually when I talk about these things, people make excuses… But those are just excuses. People do these things because I’m black and they assume wrong things about me. “

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The conversation between Barbie and Nikki is aimed at young children (particularly white kids) who regularly tune in to the Barbie channel, but it’s also the kind of video that conveys how harmful things can be. microaggressions for adults who only think that racism occurs on broader grounds.

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Mattel, who has made moves to be more inclusive In recent years with his messages and products, he wanted viewers to be aware of the conversations that are happening in the world right now.

“The goal of the episode is to help girls understand that there is a great movement taking place in the fight against racism, why people march together and the importance of reading and learning more about black history,” Mattel said in a release.

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