[ENT] Bianca Gascoigne rearranges Kris Boyson’s manhood in cringey naked photoshoot

Bizarre snaps have emerged showing Bianca Gascoigne rearranging Kris Boyson’s manhood.

In the cringey naked photoshoot, personal trainer Kris, 29, is seen lying naked on a bed with just a towel covering his modesty as Bianca and a photographer crowd around him.

The daughter of football legend Paul Gascoigne, 33, is seen reaching to adjust his unmentionables as a female photographer stands on the bed and points her camera at him.

In one awkward snap Bianca, who is wearing skimpy denim shorts and a skin-tight white top, hovers her hand above Kris’ ripped midriff as he laughs.

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In another snap the photographer shows Kris her camera, presumably to check if he is happy with how his package looks, as he pulls a serious expression.

The adopted daughter of football legend Paul Gascoigne is also seen reaching to adjust his schlong

The couple are no stranger to putting on affectionate displays for the camera.

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Earlier this week they were snapped as they larked around in the idyllic grounds of their luxury hotel.

Bianca was looking stunning in a nude halterneck two-piece that showed off her stunning physqiue.

She appears to be reaping the benefits of having a personal trainer boyfriend as she put on a very body-confident display, having worked hard to hone her curves.

In one awkward snap Bianca’s hand is seen hovering on Kris’ ripped midrift as he laughs

While Kris couldn’t keep his hands off his model girlfriend as he playfully chased her around the gardens before literally sweeping her off her feet.

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The couple have been dating since March this year, choosing to move in together after just one date when the country was plunged into lockdown.

This month Kris celebrated his lavish birthday with Bianca,

He filmed his reaction as he walked into a stunningly decked-out lounge and shared it with his fans on Instagram.

The star couldn’t believe his eyes as he stepped into living room, which had been decked out with candles, balloons and presents galore.

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The couple have been dating since March this year

Bianca also showed off to her fans on Instagram after she had been working hard decorating the living room.

Her decorations included candles, chocolates in the shape of hearts, balloon displays and snaps of their happy times together as a couple.

In another snap the photographer shows Kris her camera

This month Kris shared snaps of his celebrating his birthday

A selection of gifts could be seen laid out on the coffee table and dozens of balloons bounced around the ceiling in anticipation of Kris’ arrival.

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She even got him a Dolly Parton-inspired cake, in the shape of a bust, which Bianca had adorned with sparkling candles.

It featured a cowboy hat which rested on an ample-bosomed torso, a guitar, the sheet music for her iconic tune I Will Always Love You and a book.

Snapping a picture of the incredible cake for her fans to see, she explained that Kris is “obsessed” with Dolly before thanking her talented cake maker for “bringing [her] idea to life”.

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