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The photos of the clothes we order online do not always correspond to what we receive

A young woman was left with a broken heart after the wedding dress of your dreams he received looked nothing like the photos he had seen online.

It’s no secret that ordering clothes online can be a bit risky. If we have not tried it before buying it, you never know for sure if it will suit us.

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But it is a risk that many of us take, after all, it can always be paid back.

A bride-to-be decided to take a chance after she found a “stunning” wedding dress online at a bargain price.

Meaghan taylor found a dreamy maxi dress on Wish for just $ 80reports The Daily Star.

But when the garment arrived and she tried it on, she was disappointed to find that it looked nothing like the photos on the site.

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The 23-year-old received a garment that did not fit well, which climbed up her body as she walked, instead of flowing gracefully.

“I was pretty heartbroken, but I couldn’t help laughing,” she commented on the disastrous purchase.

Although he contacted the seller to request a refund, but affirms that had some trouble getting his money back.

They demanded that he have the original packaging and the box it came in, which he did not keep. The woman got angry, it wasn’t just any dress. It was going to be the dress for her big day!

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“I then proceeded to tell them that this ruined my wedding, as I was expecting the dress in the photo. And they finally gave me my money back.”

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Meaghan has been able to see the fun side of failed purchases and at least then found a new dress for her wedding to her fiancé Keith reid, 30, to be held next summer.

Her mother shared a photo of herself in the dress and posted it on Facebook.

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The post went viral with many laughing at how the dress looked in real life. Meghan celebrated making other users happy with her disastrous experience


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