[ENT] Carolina Sandoval exceeded the limits, according to her fans: “What lack of respect for her husband” | The NY Journal

A follower has left her a strong message assuring that “La Venenosa” does a lot of bullying to her husband and that she usually goes from the funny to the grotesque

Carolina sandoval posted on Instagram a video for his new “Trasnocho con Caro.” With this he opened the discussion about what a wife prefers, thus raising the following question: How do you prefer your husband to fuck himself or snore like a lion?

To exemplify this, taking into account what appears to be your own experience. She exposed her husband on Instagram, asleep in the privacy of his bed, while he quietly slept.

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Many have laughed, others have appreciated the issue. But there are those who consider that with this Carolina Sandoval already exceeded the limits and showed that she had no respect for her partner. ‘

  • Ridiculous that lack of respect towards the husband. What does not have the right to sleep peacefully even if he snores like a lion?
  • “Why make him look ridiculous … Poor nick
  • “He must be uncomfortable. You have to respect their privacy. Do not undermine his self-esteem and show him respect ”.
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Many of his followers consider that in many of his family videos with Nick Hernández, the only thing the Venezuelan manages to do is expose him to ridicule and public ridicule.

Don’t take it that bad but sometimes your husband makes faces where shows that he’s not comfortable the way you hold him down more than your husband seems your puppet. I think as a wife you already overstepped the line maybe not but you do a lot of bullying and the funny goes from the funny to the grotesque sometimes he does not want to appear in the videos and you force it out and you can see his discomfort, “said a follower.

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Here is the video of the controversy:

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How do you prefer your husband 🤣🤣🤣 to fuck or snore like a lion 😷 is that today Nick did not say good night because I captured him snoring without our miraculous machine to make it possible for me to sleep 🤫😅. #cosasquelepasanalavenenosa #lareinadelafaja #wives #fyp. ..… #couplegoals #drama #weibo

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