[ENT] Carolina Sandoval “perrea” to the husband and shows part of her breasts in a bathing suit | The NY Journal

“La Venenosa” showed her curves with a tremendous cleavage and seduced her husband with a sensual dance

The Venezuelan Carolina sandoval now the fence has been blown off. We already know that one of the things she likes the most is dancing and this time she decided to do it wearing a swimsuit that left little to the imagination. The neckline reached almost to the navel and her “breast” was visible to many, especially her husband Nick hernandez.

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The sentimental partner of the former driver of Tell me what you know, the show business of Telemundo, was the lucky one to receive a sexy dance from “The Poisonous”, who admits that he loves it “Dogging”, which is the term that the journalist gives to her dances to the rhythm of reggaeton.

There is no doubt that the Venezuelan continues to show that she is the queen of improvisation and spontaneity. So whether you like it or not Carolina sandoval continues to remain in the eye of the hurricane and manages to be a trend on social networks every week.

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