[ENT] COVID-19 infection rate in New York’s ‘Red Zones’ remains at 4.84% | The NY Journal

For the second day in a row, the rate of coronavirus infection in the ‘Red Zones’ in New York remained at 4.84%, while the percentage of positive cases of COVID-19 in the entire state is 1.25%.

This was reported this Friday by Governor Andrew Cuomo, who specified in a statement that in the ‘hot zones’, which include the counties of Rockland, Orange, Brooklyn and Queens, 4,133 tests were carried out on Thursday and of them at least 200 were positive, which represents 4.84% of the total.

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In the rest of the state, not counting the “Red Zones”, they reported 131,906 test results, of which 1,507 were positive or a positivity rate of 1.14%. While in general, in the entire state including the ‘hot areas’, the positivity rate remains at 1.25%.

In addition, it was detailed that although the focus areas of the ‘Red Zones’ are home to 2.8% of the state population, represent the 11.7% of all positive results of tests that were conducted Thursday, and 11.9% of all positive case results that were reported in the state this week.

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New York numbers hold steady, despite the handful of case concentration areas we are currently focused on. We are addressing these case outbreaks through a specific approach to ensure they do not spread throughout the community, “said the Governor, adding that as we move through the fall and winter and cases continue to increase across the country,” it will take the hard work of all New Yorkers to maintain our progress. We cannot and will not risk going back to where we were in the spring.

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The Governor also reported that on Thursday 10 deaths were reported by COVID-19 throughout the state, which raised the total of deaths since the pandemic began to 25,628, while the total number of people who remained hospitalized that day was 918, with an increase of 143 new patients admitted to health centers. Of those hospitalized, 200 were held in intensive care units.

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“We must all continue to wash our hands, wear our masks and remain socially distant. It’s about taking care of each other and being New York Strong, which means to be loving, “concluded the state president.

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Infection rate in ‘Red Zones’:

  • 5.47% in Brooklyn on Thursday (4.75% on Wednesday).
  • 2.03% in Queens on Thursday (2.15% on Wednesday).
  • 11.26% in Rockland on Thursday (8.40% on Wednesday).
  • 3.10% in Orange on Thursday (7.95% on Wednesday).
  • 4.84% in total in those four areas on Thursday (4.84% on Wednesday).


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