[ENT] Doctor Accused of Stabbing Ex Girlfriend, Then Pretending to Save Her Life The NY Journal

Bloody twist for a love triangle that expanded from Connecticut to New York

Alika Crew, an orthodontist from Connecticut, has been charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of her ex-fiance’s new girlfriend, said the County District Attorney’s Office Westchester (NY).

Crew, 42, worked in a luxury dental office in Stamford, CT. On July 28, he allegedly hid in the back of the victim’s truck and jumped up and stabbed her while driving by Hillandale Drive in New Rochelle.

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Upon arrival, the police found Crew at the scene, “who she was providing medical assistance to the victim and claimed to be a Good Samaritan ”. But then the wounded 30-year-old woman informed officers that her helper had actually stabbed her with a razor.

Crew was indicted last week on eight counts, including attempted murder, serious battery and unlawful detention. He pleaded “not guilty,” reported lohoud.com

According to the prosecution, Crew hid in the back of his romantic rival’s truck. When the victim discovered her, she ran out of the vehicle, he chased after her and cut her neck and hand.

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Judge David Zuckerman allowed Crew to remain free with a bail of $ 200 thousand dollars pending an upcoming court appearance on November 2.

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