[ENT] Eat a 14-year-old cane of soup to raise funds

In an effort to raise $ 10,000 for a Toronto food bank, a reckless young man pledged to eat a 14-year-old cane of condensed “chicken and egg noodle” soup if the goal was met.

The Parkdale Food Bank has indicated that the challenge will be met if the prize pool is raised by Wednesday, November 25.

The initiative took shape when the food bank posted a photo of the famous “President’s Choice” cane on its Instagram page, explaining the importance of not donating products that have passed their expiration dates. because these can be dangerous for consumption.

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It was then that Olivier O’Brien wrote to the organization privately to tell them about his idea, explained the Toronto Star, who spoke to him.

“Do I want my 15 minutes of fame by eating soup that is approaching my legal driving age? The thing with food is that people prefer to eat it before it’s past its best before date – including Parkdale food bank customers. Just because these people have a hard time getting food doesn’t mean they deserve to be given things that no one wants, “he wrote in an email to The Star.

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After some people expressed on Instagram their dismay and fear about the potentially harmful effects of ingesting a product that has expired since 2006, the food bank offered the public the option of “saving” Olivier O’Brien by making a donation accompanied by a comment to this effect.

As of Saturday, the food bank had already reached half of its goal with $ 5,000 in accumulated dollars.

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Demand for food aid has exploded across the country since the start of the pandemic. According to Star, that of Parkdale saw a 30% increase in requests over the same period.

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