[ENT] Gemma Collins’ embarrassing spelling gaffe on new £40 sweatshirt range

Gemma Collins has been left snookered after an embarrassing spelling mistake on her brand new sweatshirt range.

The funky jumpers were supposed to show off the star’s trademark diva style.

If there’s one thing she doesn’t do, it’s wait in line.

And, it appears, proof-reading the writing on her products is also a no-no.

The £38.99 sweatshirt reads ‘Sorry I Don’t Que, Hun’ when, of course, waiting outside shops in the cold is spelt ‘queue’.

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Well, if you are shelling out nearly £40 for one then you really shouldn’t be having to add the ‘ue’ yourself!

Her spelling was far from ‘first class’

The range, modelled by the GC herself on her online shop, comes in five different sizes.

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Gemma is meanwhile charging an eye-watering £20 for an advent calender.

The I’m Claustrophobic, Santa! design is filled with pink chocs and is a nod to her infamous Big Brother meltdown.

It says on the website: “Dreaming of a Pink Christmas? Then get your hands on the Luxury Limited Edition Gemma Collins Pink Chocolate Advent Calendar.

Fans spotted the error – and were quick to let her know

“The Only Way to Countdown to Christmas in True Diva Style.

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“Each day you’ll get a delicious Pink Chocolate behind each window!”

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The star certainly hasn’t been sampling the product if her recent weight loss is anything to go by.

Gemma has shifted three stone – and looked incredible.

The former TOWIE babe, 39, wowed her Instagram followers on Friday as she showed off her shrinking figure in a glamorous ensemble.

The GC has shifted three stone in the past few months

The blonde beauty oozed confidence and sex appeal as she cast a sultry gaze expression at the camera.

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Dressed in a blood red knit and some tight blue jeans last week, the stunner showcased the results of her incredible three-stone weight loss transformation.

Gemma finished off the autumnal look with a slick of red nail polish, which did wonders to make her tight-fitted jumper pop.

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