[ENT] Gun sales by first-time buyers skyrocket in America | The NY Journal

Since 2008, each presidential election year there has been an increase in arms sales of at least 12%

FBI data shows record gun sales in 2020


Gun sales by first-time buyers soared amid fears of unrest and concerns that the presidential election would be “bloody.”

“Regardless of the way the election plays out, it could be very scary and it could be a bloody day,” a 61-year-old woman told NBC News who began taking shooting classes this summer. “I want to be armed and dangerous.”

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According to FBI data, arms sales are reaching record figures throughout the country.

As of October 1, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has conducted more than 14.8 million background checks for gun sales in the U.S. The NICS shows an increase of 41 percent in activity during the first nine months of 2020 compared to 2019, which recorded a record year by registering 28.8 million criminal background checks until September. This year’s increase has already exceeded the all-time high of 28.4 million last year.

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FBI data shows that the history of gun sales for the month almost they doubled to 2.3 million in March, amid closure fears, supply shortages and the possibility that armories will close.

Background checks took off after George Floyd’s death, sparking weeks of protests.

FBI statistics show close to 7 million background checks for gun sales between the months of June and September of this year.

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“Probably the biggest increase has been in first-time buyers and women,” George Weidner, co-owner of First Strike Munitions in Fredericksburg, told Channel 4WWL. “They’ve been coming and looking for things to protect themselves, now they realize that they can’t trust other people to do it for them.”

FBI statistics do not explain how the heated 2020 presidential elections may be a factor in increasing the arms sale. But the data shows that since 2008 each presidential election year there has been a considerable increase of at least 12% in the background check for the sale of weapons.

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