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The member of the Bolivian coaching staff admires the star and has a son whom he named Lionel after him

Lucas Nava, “El Pelado” as he is known, he is a physical trainer for the Bolivian national team and a few days ago,he end of the match against the albiceleste starred in a discussion with Lionel Messi, something that has brought him insults and threats from the forward’s fans.

Before going to the locker room, Messi participated in an altercation with the Bolivian captain, Marcelo Martins, which upset the Argentine, who later, as seen in a video, directs new insults towards the coaching staff member, allegedly reacting to other offenses. But this detail was minimized by Nava, defending the footballer, whom he admires, and arguing that they are things that are said in the heat of the game.

“There was probably a misunderstanding. The truth is that nothing happened, it is more what was created around us. There are normal insults that any Argentine uses, there was no bad intention. What happened was that the game ended, I saw that there could be a possible fight and I tried to separate our players so that they would not be sent off, “he explained.

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Despite the fact that the physical trainer downplayed the fact, Messi’s followers did not, so they have sent him insults and threats for allegedly provoking their idol.

“When you are part of your team you have to defend them. It hurt that my son had to listen to that on TV. I have received calls from all over the place, even from Spain. I have received insults and threats”, He added.

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On the publication of Sergio Agüero, who is recovering from an injury at home, but who did not miss the match and He proposed to Messi through Instagram to pat him on the head, Lucas took it with good humor.

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Agüero’s post seemed funny to me. I take memes with humor, since they are part of soccer folklore“.

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Finally, Nava, who is Argentine by birth, confessed that he is a great admirer of Messi: “As a supporter of the (albiceleste) team, there is no one greater than him. It’s number 1. My son’s middle name is Lionel after him“, He expressed.


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