[ENT] ‘He looks terrible’: Adamari López gets the worst ridicules of ‘A New Day’ after his return | The NY Journal

Adamari Lopez It is the darling of Latin television in the United States. The presence of the famous in “A new day”Is of utmost importance as it brings joy thanks to its characteristic sense of humor.

It is the “spoiled little chaparrita” who brings together Hispanic families to turn on Telemundo and see it in the picture with the latest in the world. Days ago he was absent from the morning and there was no day that the fans did not ask for his return since the dynamic changes completely when he is not on the air.

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Before his return to the happiest house on television, Adamari wore a blouse with a message for generation X. As part of the campaign for young people to register to vote, all the main presenters wore a top of the same style. López combined it with ampon pants and the followers of the program were quick to attack his fashion.

“How ugly how that woman dresses, there are no advisory people who tell her that those clothes look bad,” commented a follower in the verified account of Un Nuevo Día. “With all due respect and without offending Adamari, but I think she needs a change from head to toe, I don’t know, something that makes it a little different ”, another follower added.

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“Please change her clothes, what they wear looks terrible, it seems that they do not know the style of clothing,” another user suggested. “What is the use of the mirror to look at us, please, before going on screen, look at your look, which is fatal”, it could also be read among the comments.

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