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In social networks, a cluster of clouds captured in Germany has caused a furor and to some extent terror, which has left many speechless due to the unusual beautiful postcard that nature has given us, but which many have also classified as “infernal”.

The particular cloud was captured by photographer Damian Dosk in the city of Dingolfing. In the image You can see these types of clouds contrasting with the sunset, so they have reddish and orange tones.

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But although some have wanted to attribute a relationship to the devil, the truth is that this phenomenon has a scientific explanation.

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Meteorologically, it is a mammoth cloud or mammatus, which consists of the accumulation of cloud masses at the base, which results in a great variety of other types of clouds such as cirrus, cirrocumulus, cumulonimbus, etc.

These are generally bluish-gray in color, but can also change depending on the sunlight, so they can turn reddish or golden.

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