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There are several ways to know exactly where your stimulus check is at all times

Both the IRS and the Postal Service offer tools to track your stimulus check.

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For the first round of stimulus checks, the IRS created the Get My Payment online service, which allows you to set up direct deposit for your payment and find out the delivery status of your check to find out if something is delaying payment according to CNet.

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Although this tool had a lot of problems at first, the IRS was correcting them, so for sure, can be used to track a second stimulus check, in case it is approved.

In addition to this tool, the US Postal Service also has a free service that can notify you when your check will arrive in the mail.

This free tool from the Postal Service is called Informed Delivery, and it automatically scans your letters to alert you every time that one with your name is going to be delivered to you. These letters include the stimulus check.

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You just have to take into account that the tool will notify you of all the things that are sent to you by mail, so it could be a bit overwhelming at some point. But remember that you can cancel the service once you receive all the support that the government approves.

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