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More than 170 undocumented immigrants have been arrested in the second major national operation by federal authorities in a strategy focused on cities declared a “sanctuary” for immigrants, reported the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), Chad wolf.

The “Operation Rise” plan was developed between October 3 and October 9 in Seattle, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and the US capital.

All these areas have passed laws that limit the voluntary collaboration of the local police with the Office of Immigration and Customs Control (ICE) in the application of immigration laws, which are the exclusive competence of the federal government.

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“Sanctuary city policies are a threat to the Homeland and endanger the safety of the American people so that certain local politicians can earn cheap political points at the cost of the lives and safety of Americans”Wolf stressed at the press conference.

This is the second appearance of the Secretary so far this month to announce the arrests, which has been cataloged by activists and defenders of immigrants as a political act in the middle of the electoral campaign in favor of the reelection of the president Donald trump.

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On October 7, Wolf announced the arrest of 128 immigrants in the course of a five-day raid in California, which primarily targeted the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, and charged against these regulations.

Despite accusations by immigrant advocates, Wolf today defended his actions saying that “politics will not prevail over safety in enforcing the law and keeping our citizens safe.”

Wolf elaborated on saying that last fiscal year, more than 80% of people arrested by ICE had pending criminal convictions or charges.

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“Nationwide, approximately 86% of all individuals arrested by ICE during fiscal year 2019 had a criminal conviction, a pending criminal charge, had re-entered the US after being previously removed, or were immigration fugitives. subject to a final order of expulsion, “he added.

In turn, the acting director of ICE, Tony Pham, He confirmed that agents are preparing and training to carry out a new rule.

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The questioning of the press referred to the entry into force of a new measure that would allow accelerated deportations throughout the country.

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The objective of this new rule would be undocumented persons who have been living in the country for less than two years, and who are not awaiting any petition to the immigration courts or the Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS).

Wolf cautioned that Operation Rise is still continuing and that sanctuary city residents should expect greater visibility in their communities from ICE agents.

Since coming to power, President Trump and his administration have waged a battle against the “sanctuary” cities, although so far without much success.

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