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Although the final numbers will be tabulated in the coming hours, it is confirmed that NYC raised projections on the negative effects of the pandemic on the population registry by 3.6 points

After a long ‘path of thorns’ The 2020 Census came to an end, with the obstacles of the coronavirus pandemic, a chain of legal battles against the attempts of the Federal Administration to include a citizenship question and finally the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of terminate the population count early. Despite these marches and countermarches, in New York City the goal of the 2010 census was exceeded and in the end a participation of 61.8% of New Yorkers was achieved.

And although we must wait the next few hours to know the final tabulation, which includes the ‘push’ given on the last day, it is already known that all the projections of the negative effects of COVID-19 they were surpassed by 3.6 points.

“We reached a 61.8% response. We close with 5% difference of the national average. And a decade ago that figure was 14%. Although they cut us two weeks due to excessive political interference, we must be very proud the result of our collective work, ”said Julie Menin, director of the Census Bureau 2020 in the Big Apple.

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Menin pointed out that despite the fact that New York City was the epicenter of a global pandemic, they not only climbed the slope of 2010 numbers, but also surpassed cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dallas, and Houston.

“We are New Yorkers, nothing will stand in our way to obtain the resources that we are entitled to, the political representation and the respect we deserve. We have broken down many barriers “stressed the official who thanked the community organizations, unions and partners for their hard work during these months of the census.

Julie Menin, director of the census in NY praised the work of her team for almost a year of counting. (Photo: Mariela Lombard)

Accounts to be drawn

There are still many accounts to be drawn and last minute records, which will be adjusted with the national average, but there is an unquestionable truth to deduce from this count: everything indicates that communities of Brooklyn and Queens, home to vast immigrant communities, they were the most ignorant of the process in the five boroughs d.

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Until the last minutes of the agony of the process in neighborhoods like Corona in Queens, one of the epicenters of Latin American immigration in New York, only 47% of the people had answered the questionnaire.

Miracles Lamb, a promoter of community activities of the 2020 Census in the neighborhoods of the Jackson Heights and Corona axis, commented to The newspaper that in his opinion “the shadow of doubts” sown by the Trump administration did have some influence in those localities.

“As much as we insisted to many families that the data was confidential, they were afraid to give their address. They were more afraid to mention all the people who lived in a single residence. A great effort was made, but many people in our Hispanic community told us: ‘In this country with this President nothing is confidential ‘”, Cordero explained.

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The North Corona community leader ensures that “known threats” from the federal government somehow scared away participation, right in the neighborhoods most in need of resources and that they have suffered the most from the effects of the pandemic.

“One of the great lessons that this work left us, which was done with great determination, is that the undocumented community has a lot of distrust. And unfortunately from the White House Everything possible was done to increase fear. I think that City Census Bureau, used important strategies to increase registrations. If not, turnout would have been extremely low in these areas of Queens. Lower than in 2010, ”Cordero commented.

The tabulation of the data for the last day will be known in the next few hours. (Photo: F. Martínez)

Now, to vote!

Community-based organizations that have worked for the past 10 1/2 months to connect neighborhoods in the Big Apple agree that the 2020 Census came to an end with many complicationsBut it is not the last chance for immigrants and the Latino community in New York to be heard.

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“We still have the opportunity to define the future of this country and it is voting this november. Soon we will launch the Campaign ‘My Vote Our Vote’ to ensure that all voices are heard regardless of their immigration status, ”he announced Jesica Mata from the La Colmena organization.

Count “unstable”

Many experts already warn that it is the most “unstable” population count in history. This is how he considered it for local media Robert Santos, Vice President of the Urban Institute and president of the American Statistical Association. “Any undercounts will be the result of a ‘perfect storm’ of factors, beginning with a call for add a citizenship question to the consultation that was rejected by the Supreme Court in 2019, but undoubtedly generated great fears. Then the effects of COVID-19. Everything that has happened has been catastrophic for results that will be close to reality, ”explained Santos regarding the results of the census registry that began to be processed throughout the country.

Level of participation in the 2020 Census:

  • 66.9% has been the level of response throughout the country.
  • 64.1% participation rose throughout New York State.
  • 61.8% reached the Big Apple of participation in the 2020 Census.
  • 62.6% of people registered in The Bronx.
  • 59.0% was the participation rate in Brooklyn.
  • 62.9% was the level of records in Manhattan.
  • 62.6% had been reached in Queens.
  • 66.4% of census records were completed on Staten Island.


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