[ENT] Joe Biden Says There Should Be No Debate Next Week Whether Trump Has Coronavirus | The NY Journal

Donald Trump and Joe Biden.


The Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe biden said he and the president Donald trump They “shouldn’t have a debate” as long as the president remains positive for the coronavirus.

Biden said Tuesday that he “looks forward to discussing it,” but said “we will have to follow very strict guidelines,” the AP reported.

Biden said he has not known Trump’s status since the president returned to the White House after being hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for three days after a COVID-19 diagnosis.

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Biden told reporters as he boarded his plane back to Delaware in Hagerstown, Maryland: “I think if you still have COVID, then we shouldn’t have a debate.”

The next debate is scheduled for October 15, with a third debate scheduled for October 22.

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Biden’s campaign says he tested negative for COVID-19 early Tuesday.


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