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President-Elect Joe Biden Has No Plans To Order A National Shutdown In Response To The Rise In COVID-19 Cases in several states of the United States because their focus is to paralyze the virus and not the economy.

“I am not going to shut down the economy …” said the Democrat in a press conference Thursday from Wilmington, Delaware.

“I am going to paralyze the virus, that is what I am going to paralyze,” said the politician after a videoconference with the executive committee of the National Association of Governors.

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Next, the former vice president repeated twice that there will be no national shutdown.

“Everybody asks the same question every time I stand here,” added Biden. That was a hypothetical question. The answer was that I would follow science ”.

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“There are not the circumstances that I see that a total national closure is required. I think that would be counterproductive, “he said.

In Biden’s opinion, the approach and action strategy against the coronavirus will differ according to the region and community in the United States.

Although before he was elected president, the option of a national closure surrounded the candidate, the statements of one of his advisers in the discussion on COVID-19 fueled the debate.

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Last week, Dr. Michael Osterholm spoke in favor of a blanket shutdown to prevent the health crisis from escalating.

Osterholm argued that a widespread nationwide lockdown for four to six weeks could bring the pandemic under control and jumpstart the economy.

Osterholm’s proposal included a pay for lost wages for workers and small businesses.

“We could pay a package right now to cover all wages, lost wages of workers due to losses of small and medium enterprises or municipal, state or county governments,” Osterholm told CNBC. “We could do all of that. If we did that, then we could lock ourselves up for four to six weeks. “

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