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Ginger is a food with a large amount of nutrients beneficial to health and in the kitchen it is appreciated for perfuming and flavoring a vast variety of dishes. For many years the root of this plant has been used as a home remedy since, among its natural properties, are interesting steric uses.

It is believed that has a special connection to the Sun for what it provides the person with powerful energy, not for nothing is said that it is a excellent aphrodisiac. Its mystical meaning relates to love, courage, power and success.

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Esotericists claim that chewing it or taking it as an infusion helps to recover positive energy and it gives you the boost you need to reach your goals.

Magical properties of ginger

Among the spiritual properties that are attributed to this food are the ability to improve verbal ability, making people more sociable. Ancestral cultures of the East have the belief that ginger is a plant of power, of good energies and an unequivocal symbol of strength and ancient magical protection.

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Ginger helps us protect the energies of the environment favoring the prosperity and harmony of the home, it is even believed that it is an excellent remedy against the evil eye.

Ginger rituals

Amulet: As an amulet, it gives positive energies to those who possess it, helping them, mainly, to favor the economic aspect. With a red son, link 9 Chinese coins, a banknote and a ginger root. Place this charm at the head of your bed or on your bedroom door.

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Ritual to ward off negative energies: This ritual is effective in keeping toxic people away. In a spray bottle add a piece of ginger root, 4 finely cut branches of aloe or rue, 2 cloves, half a tablespoon of sea salt, 1 tablespoon of lemon, two drops of ammonia and water. Let this mixture rest in a cool place for a week. Spray this concoction in every corner of your home to ward off bad energies.

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Ginger love ritual: In a red cloth bag, place two tablespoons of powdered ginger, 12 white petals, 12 pink petals and a sheet of paper with the name of your loved one. Tie the bag with a red ribbon and repeat “Saint Anthony blessed, grant me the love, care and attention of (mention the person you like) for whom I have a place in my heart and with whom I have the best intentions, allow me be happy with him ”.

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