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“Karlo G didn’t want to get on the list of best or worst dressed!… She wanted to use that moment to send a message. That’s called ‘fashion with a message’ “. This is part of the reaction of Jomari goyso against those who criticized the dress worn by the ‘Tusa’ singer in the past Latin Grammy.

What if it looked like a piñata, or a quinceañera, which was not a dress but a carnival costume. What if she was fat, pregnant … Karlo G received many criticisms, most of them destructive, for the pink dress she wore at the Latin Grammy Awards.

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Jomari Goyso, who is usually one of those who does not forgive when talking about an award dress, in this case came out to defend him and with a more than powerful reason: the fashionista sure than in the case of the ‘Tusa singer ‘It was about’ fashion with a message ‘.

“I would like you to read it before commenting; Normally if you are an artist, the way to steal your night on a carpet is generally to reappear thinner, younger, with more hair! More lashes and looking almost real! That’s what the artists usually do to get all the attention! When they do it, the fans, Women go crazy and start with the “yes we can” “women power” The comments are always positive and the headlines the same !!!! … .THE DIFFICULT, is to do something that you know will be criticized and used as a subject of ridicule, but you know that the message will help many women !!! That is the difficult part !!

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… OBVIOUS #karolg did not want to enter the list of best or worst dressed !!! She wanted to use that moment to send a message !!! That is called “fashion with a message” STRONG AND DIRECT MESSAGE !!!! She said that when she was little when she saw the rugs she dreamed of one day going to one and feeling like a princess, and dressing like a princess !! He said that he does not care if it is not a trend or if it is not the right thing to do so that his body looks one way or another, that if you want to dream, don’t let anyone tell you how to do it and how to live it. like this!! Because fashion is not the enemy of women! Fashion is a tool to make all women feel good! 🙏 happy friday !!! Love u @karolg #latingrammy “Jomari wrote accompanied by the photo of the singer with the controversial dress.

In this way Goyso made his support very clear and that it is consistent with the message that he always seeks to give. Beyond the criticism of fashion, or how strong and controversial it can be many times, we always see him defending women and getting strongly angry with bullying and the risks involved in being a victim of it.

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