[ENT] Negotiations for financial aid advance with $ 1,200 per person | The NY Journal

Although there is still no agreement on the new stimulus package, negotiations remain open with slight progress.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), and the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, they spoke for about an hour this Monday, although there are points on which they cannot agree.

Drew Hammill, Pelosi spokesman reported that negotiations will continue on Tuesday.

“There has been some progress, but we haven’t got there yet”said the Democrat of David Cicilline (Rhode Island), on a conference call.

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Democrats could cut the $ 2.2 trillion approved in the House, but the representative Ted lieu (California), assured that “not much”, although how much was not specified, considering that the government of the president Donald trump proposed a $ 1.6 trillion plan.

In the event that both parties reach an agreement, the drafting of the corresponding law could take an additional two weeks, leaving your approval for the week of October 19.

One of the aspects where the negotiations are settled is on the $ 1,2000 of aid per personBut there are differences regarding the unemployment insurance bond, since Democrats want it to be $ 600, but the Trump Administration does not want that number.

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If the approval schedule remains as mentioned, given the infrastructure you already have with the previous aid package, the Tax Collection Office (IRS) could send the support to citizens at the end of October.

The talks also find funding issues for state and local governments.


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