[ENT] “No woman deserves to be treated like this”: Lupita Jones apologizes publicly after controversy with Sofía Aragón (VIDEO) | The State

After the accusations that Sofía Aragón made against Lupita Jones, this rumbled everywhere lobbying the former Miss Universe.

To prevent the scandal from spreading, The ex-model released a video apologizing to Aragon.

“In past days I starred in one of my worst public appearances; I showed myself as an aggressive, violent, vindictive woman, without compassion and lacking in sisterhood. I ignored myself and I offer my apologies ”.

In the rest of the graphic material, Jones assured that Aragon is representative of Mexicans and no woman deserves to be treated like this.

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“I deeply regret my behavior and the words that came out of my mouth. I offer a sincere apology to Sofía Aragón for how I expressed myself about her; no woman He deserves to be treated like that, less when that woman has represented all of us Mexicans with preparation, intelligence, eloquence and beauty ”.

Lupita stated that It will be the last time you act out in anger because you did not analyze or ponder what you said. She also argued that it is easy for her to go to unjustified violence, being angry.

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I take this apprenticeship and promise never to be driven by impulse again and a reaction that could violate my life and someone else’s ”.

Yes, stressed that he will not let slander continue against his son, because they awarded him a qualifier that he never used.

“It is up to me to reiterate my apologies, in which I also include the participants of this wonderful current generation; in my eagerness to give them the details of what was happening, were prematurely exposed to attacks on social networks of which we are objects in the industry by our own and strangers ”.

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In the end, The former model thanked the support she has had during these 30 years at the national beauty pageant.


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