[ENT] Nurse who spoke at Republican Convention is arrested for shooting a woman | The NY Journal

The health worker became known for praising Trump for his handling of the pandemic

One of the people who spoke at the last Republican Convention was arrested in West Virginia for assault with a firearm.

The nurse Amy Jolene Thorn, 39, shot a woman in the abdomen Thursday at a home in Williamson. The woman assured that it was a personal defense action. She was arrested on charges of malicious and illegal assault.

The woman did know a few months ago when traveled to New York to help with coronavirus patient treatments. Thorn was later invited to speak at the Republican convention, where she praised President Donald Trump’s leadership in handling the pandemic.

The shooting victim recovers in a hospital and is expected to survive. There are no details about the weapon used by the nurse.

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Thorn was released on bail.


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