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With seven months late due to the pandemic and an attempted judicial blockade, finally This Monday 19 the law that prohibits the use of plastic bags in shops throughout the state of New York will come into effect.

The new application date provides a 30-day notice for interested parties to prepare, including grocery stores and other retailers, he noted. Pix11.

“The (Supreme) court’s decision is a victory and vindication of New York State’s efforts to end the scourge of single-use plastic bags and a direct reprimand to manufacturers who tried to stop the law and regulations, ”said the state commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Basil Seggos.

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“As we have done for many months, DEC is encouraging New Yorkers to make the switch to reusable bags when and where they buy and use common sense precautions to keep reusable bags clean. The Court has ruled and DEC will begin enforcing the ban on October 19. It’s time for BYOBagNY ”, he highlighted, referring to “Bring your own bag NY” (Bring your own bag).

Cities and counties may adopt rates of 5 cents for paper bags, but businesses are not required to offer them.

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The money will go to both the local government and the New York Environmental Protection Fund (EPF). The fee will not apply to SNAP and WIC voucher customers.

Annually in the state of NY more than 23 billion plastic bags were used, according to the Department of Health. Many times they float and end in trees, rivers and streets.

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The measure takes more effect due to the overflowing garbage problem that NYC is experiencing due to an apparent cut in funds, generating complaints from Governor Andrew Cuomo to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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In the interim, NYC Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia resigned over budget cuts, saying they posed a risk to public health. He then ran for mayor in next year’s election.


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