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Increasing muscle mass is one of the main goals of various athletes. Know the key foods to achieve it and without affecting your pocket

In the Sports world one of the most important concepts for athletes is muscle mass, that is why there are different training routines focused on increase it.

The muscle mass by definition is the body tissue volume total that corresponds to the muscle. From the point of view of body composition it corresponds to lean mass, the other two types of components are body fat and water. There are three types of muscle, the heart muscle that is part of the heart, smooth muscle found in the viscera and skeletal muscle which is the tissue that we know as muscle itself, its function is to allow us to carry out the different movements and maintain posture.

The truth is that the process to increase muscle mass it’s not that simple, in fact since the physiological point of view is more complicated than burn calories. The reality is that several factors intervene in it, among the main ones is the total training volume and intensity of the exercises, rest and feeding. What you eat it’s essential to achieve good results and among the most important points is basing the diet on the intake of foods rich in protein and calories.

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While exercise plays a fundamental role, it is just as important to follow a special feeding and that is why in recent years all kinds of diets have come to light that are the perfect complement to achieve the best results.

Why foods rich in protein and calories?

Various nutritionists agree that a diet created to increase muscle mass, should be based on the macronutrient intake: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They are indispensable since they are in charge of repair and build organic structures, in order to promote growth and regulate metabolic processes. In a special way they result from great relevance proteins, since they are basic to build muscle fibers.

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The foods with a high caloric intake, are not synonymous with low in nutrients and are of great importance since their consumption is key to improve performance when training, promote better recovery, are very useful for hormonal and metabolic balance; all aspects involved in increasing muscle mass.

The good news is that there extraordinary food optionss to integrate into the diet, are accessible, delicious and effective. The first thing to keep in mind is that lThe best foods to achieve good results, must contribute between 20 and 40 grams of protein.

5 staple foods to increase muscle mass:

1. Chicken

The chicken is one of the most consumed and versatile white meats. It stands out for its protein content of high biological value and provides vitamins mainly of the B complex, highlighting niacin which is fundamental for him metabolism of fats and sugars in the body, as well as to maintain healthy cells. It is also noted for its mineral wealth in magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc. It is one of the most valued foods to gain muscle mass, 140 grams provide 30 grams of protein and it’s probably the most expensive product on this list.

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Chicken. / Photo: Shuttestock

2. Pork

A great alternative to give versatility to the diet and not base it on the consumption of chicken, it is also a very cheap and delicious meat. It is very easy to digest and draws attention for its content of essential amino acids, Pork Meat is a good source of quality proteins with a ratio of iron and zinc, among other minerals; as well as B vitamins, especially thiamine and B12. The lean pork tenderloin steaks and chops They are a rich alternative, in the same way that 140 grams chicken provide 30 grams of protein.

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Pork chops
Pork chops./Photo: Pixabay

3. Chickpeas

The chickpeas are one of the best sources of vegetable protein and they also stand out for their long list of nutrients, which benefit health. Between his great advantages its contribution in the complete essential amino acids, are rich in polyphenols, phytonutrients, beta-carotenes and vitamins (A, from the B complex, C, D, E and K). They are a food that with a high caloric density, about 170 grams of dry chickpeas provide approximately 30 grams of protein and about 600 calories.

Chickpea salad / Photo: Shutterstock

4. Rice

It is not only one of the cereals most consumed in the worldor, it is an essential product in the basic basket of many cultures and stands out for being the most accessible, efficient and economical. Rice It is one of the best sources of energy, it is rich in nutrients, high fiber, low in fat, contains a lot of iron and promotes good hydration. Just a few 200 grams of rice provide about 600 calories and about 15 grams of protein.

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Rice./Photo: Pixabay

5. Milk

Milk is he dairy product par excellence And also a nutritional treasure, it’s a good choice for people who have a hard time eating a lot of protein. Among its great benefits it stands out for being source of essential amino acids, contains bioactive peptides, healthy fatty acids and is rich in vitamin A, complex B, D and contains fiber. It is very versatile and easy to consume, refreshing and always available. One liter provides 30 grams of protein and 600 calories.

Milk./Photo: Pixabay


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