[ENT] Premier League’s Big Picture is crystal clear – this is a coronavirus power grab

On Saturday, Karren Brady railed against “people who have been accused of immorally cashing in” on the Covid-19 crisis.

That would be the Big Six then. Oh, and possibly Lady Brady’s West Ham, who, if Project Big Picture gets off the ground, would be afforded special status as long-term shareholders.

The big picture could not be clearer, it is the picture of a coronavirus power grab.

It might have been in the pipeline for some time but the strike is coming when the nation is sick.

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It is probably no coincidence this scheme appears to have been born in the USA, where help so often comes with conditions.

And the conditions for the £250million bung to the EFL and £100million to the FA are many, none particularly palatable.

Rick Parry is playing a dangerous game

There is plenty of detail but let’s think of the bottom lines.

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The bottom line is it will be harder for Championship clubs to get into the Premier League. And Rick Parry is fine with that.

The bottom line is the EFL will lose two of its clubs, the fabled 92 becoming 90. And Rick Parry is fine with that.

The bottom line is the Big Six will hold complete power over the English game. And Rick Parry is fine with that.

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There are obvious attractions for all those EFL clubs hurtling at breakneck speed towards a financial wall, the most blatant being cash.

Its chief executive seems to think the EFL is in such a state that part of its soul has to be sold to keep the body going. And the price is £250million for starters.

There are obvious attractions to the plan for EFL clubs

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Fine. But what can be the temptation for the those Premier League clubs outside of the top six, or those not afforded ‘long-term shareholder status’?

The Premier League is forever promoting itself as the best in the world. Why change it? Why shrink it?

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Simply because the Big Six – led by the franchise merchants across the Atlantic – want more power and, hence, money.

They want English football to be run by a six-club dictatorship.

The EFL, the non-league game, the FA, grassroots, need help.

But not at this unseemly price.

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