[ENT] Raúl Méndez El Chacorta talks about the disappearance of Rafael Amaya from ‘The Lord of the Skies’ | The NY Journal

The actor worked with Rafael Amaya in the first two seasons of the narco series

Rafael Amaya marked an entire era on Telemundo with “The Lord of the heavens“, One of his most successful narcoseries of all time. During the first two seasons Raul Mendez he participated giving life to “El Chacorta”, the brother of Aurelio Casillas.

After a long time, Méndez talks about Amaya’s departure from the series and applauds her for having been able to make the decision to leave despite the overwhelming event.

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“I applaud it because it must be very difficult to fight the ego saying ‘you are’ The Lord of the Skies’, you have to be out there for people to applaud you, for people to write to you, so that you have more followers’ because that is the actor’s ego and that he has had the ability and also the need to isolate himself soon… ”, said Méndez to the show program.

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The also protagonist of “Intimate Enemy” only has good things to say about Amaya and hopes that she will rest after her participation in the successful series.

“I am very happy that Rafa is wherever he is doing whatever he has to do to calm him down, so that he is calm and so that tomorrow he returns with a new project and that people also stop seeing him as The Lord of the Heavens, ”he said. “I can tell you that Rafa is an extremely humble boy […], I think that everything that can be said about Rafa today are things that until nobody verifies them because they will be gossip, they will be lies. I wish Rafa the best ”.

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