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The possibility that red meat is dangerous to health has been the subject of multiple recent scientific investigations, which seek to see if this very popular meat variety in Western food can pose a threat to our well-being.

A study carried out by researchers from the University of South Australia together with experts from the National University of Gyeongsang and mentioned in Infosalus, represents a new chapter on the possible dangers of red meat for our health.

The relationship between red meat and AGE

Taking the lead from meat in our diet can help us improve our health. Source: Shuttershock

Experts have explained that red meat creates the Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE) when scorched at high temperatures, which usually occurs when it is grilled or fried.

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Advanced glycation end products can accumulate in the body when consumed, posing a significant health hazard as long as could interfere with normal cell functions.

This possible risk of the AGE would be maximized from a diet rich in red meat and also in processed grains. In this framework, the researchers discovered that this type of diet significantly increased AGE levels in the blood.

This is not a minor fact as it was discovered that higher levels of AGE in the blood were associated with a increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

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Less red meat, less AGE

This study published in the journal Nutrients also focused on the health effects of a second diet that would consist of Dairy products, nuts, legumes, and soft meats that are steamed, stewed, or braised.

Nuts are good for your health and help in the process of stopping consuming red meat. Source: Shutterstock

Contrary to a diet rich in red meat, the second diet would have a lower incidence in the levels of AGE in the blood and, consequently, it would represent a lower risk for cardiovascular health.

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Research results suggest that high consumption of charred red meat It could be a long-term health risk from the accumulation of advanced glycation end products, but it does not suggest eliminating these meats from our diets.

Instead, what the study suggests between the lines is the alternative preparation of red meat so that they do not impact too much on AGE levels, as well as the diversification of our food as for the varieties of meat that we decide to consume.

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If red meat does not occupy a very important place in your diet, it will be less likely to harm you. That is to say, moderate consumption of red meat It is the best option within your reach to avoid the possible complications of this variety of meats for your health and nutrition.

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