[ENT] Senior military chief and several Pentagon commanders quarantined due to coronavirus | The NY Journal

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark milley, and other leaders of the Department of Defense are in quarantine, after the Admiral of the Coast Guard, Charles Ray, test positive to COVID-19.

“On Monday, the Vice Commander of the Coast Guard, Admiral Charles Ray, tested positive for COVID-19,” reported the Coast Guard on Tuesday. “He was tested the same day, after feeling mild symptoms over the weekend.”

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It was added that, due to the result, the Coast Guard follows the protocols of care with personnel close to the admiral and those who may have been in contact with him in recent days.

“The Coast Guard is following the policies established for COVID, according to the CDC guidelines, to include quarantine and contact tracing,” authorities said.

Admiral Ray recently attended several meetings at the Pentagon with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he was closely with top brass, CNN and the Conecting Vets radio station reported.

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Although General Milley tested negative, he is working from home as a precaution.

Other military officials reported in quarantine include: the chief of the Air Force, Charles Brown; the Chief of Naval Operations, the Admiral Michael Gilday, and the Chief of Space Operations, General John Raymond.

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The list of top military commanders joins that of White House officials who have tested positive for coronavirusincluding the president Donald trump, who has tried to minimize the effects of the pandemic, despite having left more than 210,000 dead in the United States, where there are more than 7.4 million people infected.

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