[ENT] Sharjah petrol pump crash perpetrator referred to Public Prosecution

Sharjah: The Sharjah Police have referred the Asian driver who crashed into a petrol station to the Public Prosecution. The motorist, driving at a high speed, veering from its lane on the night of October 13 and crashed into a petrol station on Al-Ittihad Road in Sharjah, damaging the station and causing minor injuries to two station employees. He later ran away from the accident site.

Police said they received a report from the Central Operations Room at 11:45pm on Tuesday, about the crash. Specialised teams rushed to the site. The inspection revealed that the accident occurred as a result of the vehicle deviating from its middle lane to the right side, and as a result of the excessive speed, the driver was unable to control the steering wheel, which led to it entering the station and colliding with the pavement, an Etisalat telephone booth the signboard and a fuel dispenser machine.

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According to the petrol pump staff, two employees — a Filipino identified as J.D. aged 28 and an Indian identified H.F. aged 36 — sustained moderate injuries after debris flying from the crash hit them. They were taken to Al Qassimi hospital by national ambulance, where they were discharged after received necessary treatment. They are on leave now until they fully recover.

As a result of the search and investigation, the driver was arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation and legal action has taken against him.

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The Sharjah Police General Command called on all motorists to adhere to the speed limit on the roads and to pay attention while driving, to avoid the occurrence of such accidents, that result in losses along with human and material damage.

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Meanwhile, the petrol pump staff told Gulf News that in two weeks the new fuel dispenser machine will be installed to replace the damaged one. At the time of the accident, petrol pump staff took all precautionary measures and locked fuel machines.

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