[ENT] Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet dubbed ‘most influential TV show ever’

Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet has been named the most influential TV show ever.

It took more than a third of the vote after highlighting the impact of single-use plastic on our oceans.

Sir David, 94, also took the second spot with his Planet Earth series, which helped raise awareness of the natural world.

But it’s not just documentaries that change how viewers think.

Next on the list was Killing Eve, starring Jodie Comer as assassin Villanelle – meaning the top three spots were taken by BBC1 shows.

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Classic comedy Gavin & Stacey and fantasy drama Game of Thrones also made the top 10 in the Freeview poll of 2,000.

Sir David Attenborough

Viewers spend an average five and a half hours a week chatting to friends, family and workmates about what they have watched.

Four in 10 of those polled said TV has the ability to change people’s perception of the world.

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A third said their awareness of mental health issues and how racism impacts society had improved through TV shows.

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A quarter said TV made them more aware of issues connected to sexuality and a fifth of gender equality.

Owen Jenkinson of Freeview said: “The majority think TV is a more powerful medium than cinema because there is more time to explore issues and TV is more accessible.”

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