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“Univision has made the decision to take a break,” said Rafael Araneda in ‘Despierta América’

The famous of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’.

Univision / Univision

While waiting to know the name of the fourth celebrity infected with COVID-19, and the hospitalization of Melina Leon with viral pneumonia, ‘Your face is familiar to me’ is suspended.

This was reported by one of its two presenters, Rafael Araneda, in ‘Wake up America’: “Univision has made the decision to pause the program until the situation is normalized”confirmed Araneda.

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“The priority of the company is to preserve health, it will take a hiatus until, God willing, this can be solved”, Araneda explained that they took all the measures and precautions, but this happened anyway.

Let us remember that in just two weeks of being on the air there are already four of the eight celebrities who have coronavirus. Melina León, in the test that was done on the day of the recording of the second gala, she tested positive and last week the same thing happened with Llane. On Wednesday we woke up with the news that Sandra Echeverría was added to the list of infected, and today it is expected that the name of the new infected celebrity will be known.

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In addition, except in the case of Llanes, the rest of the celebrities presented almost all the symptoms, even in the case of Melina León she is even hospitalized fighting against viral pneumonia and this was confirmed by her doctor, who is treating her at the city ​​of Miami, where he resides momentarily for the show.

Until now Gabriel Coronel, El Dasa, Francisca Lachapel Y Pablo Montero they keep giving negative in their tests, just like the judges, Charytín Goyco, Angélica Vale, Chantal Andere, kany García Y Jesus Navarro and the presenters Ana Brenda Contreras and Rafael Araneda.

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