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The Argentine hinted that he is marudando football and now focuses on contributing to the collective

Leo Messi.


Lionel Messi starred on the cover of number 100 of La Garganta Poderosa magazine and in the interview that gave life to the central article He spoke about his maturity as a footballer, COVID-19 and his compatriots.

In the talk, the Argentine star showed his most personal side by confessing that over the years he has taught him to modify his priorities, since now he works more as a team than before.

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Today I am less obsessed with the goal and I try to contribute the most for the group“, He expressed.

“The flea” He also gave his opinion on the current social situation in Argentina, aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Inequality is one of the big problems“, He said, then added that it is essential that more people in the country have access to water, electricity and food.

In the same way, he recognized that his compatriots are supportive and that he is pleased to see how people come together to help others.

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It is an immense pride to see how the people who collaborate in dining rooms and picnic areas in Argentina get involved, even in times as complicated as the ones we are living”He added.

“The glasses that are raised this year should be for all the people who are involved to help in that way,” he concluded, referring to the approaching end of the year.


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