[ENT] VIDEO: China records launching of 48 “suicide drones” to attack ground targets | The NY Journal

In seconds, the explosive-laden drones reached their target

China conducted a test launch of what has been called a suicide drone swarm from an armored fighting vehicle.

A video of the test released this week by outlets such as RT News and The Drive shows the Dongfeng Warrior three-axis combat vehicle with the explosive material.

The containers with the UAVs are located in a special protected compartment that is raised before launch.

In a matter of seconds, some 48 armed drones are deployed from the rear of the four-wheeled military transport.

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The launch seeks to test “how the threat of a drone swarm, in general, is becoming increasingly real and will present increasingly serious challenges for armed forces around the world in future conflicts.”

The system, developed by gunsmiths from China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), performs reconnaissance and attack missions on ground targets.

According to the RT report, last year military exercises of this type were held in Tibet. During the maneuvers, the work of a squad of 12 drones was demonstrated.

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